Hey guys, not much time this morning, but I wanted to give you at least a little update. You could pretty much read mine and John’s last report and add a few more pushes of fish to it so a few of those few places where fish are staging have added to the pod.

Up until yesterday all of our boats have remained downriver with mixed results from hard to hook even one all the way to some pretty solid days depending on the fish movement and weather. Thundersticks in Chartreuse & the various Firetiger configurations have worked well in low light and/or cloudy days, beads under floats in red & pink colors size 14 & 16 and skein fished the same way have been taking their share of fish in the areas we’ve been as well.

It’s been quite busy down that way on several days, but everyone has been friendly and free with information while enjoying the time on the water. John ran a little further upriver yesterday and did well fishing the normal fly patterns, but a large part of that success was also attributed to the lack of heavy pressure in that section on that day and getting the pick of a few spots that were holding some numbers.

In short, it is still not what it normally would be for this time and we could still use some water! 😲 That being said, if you cover enough of the water there is, there’s a decent chance of finding a “hot spot” or two and doing well. Reports from other anglers, guides and friends fishing the river from top to bottom are all over the board every day right now and most of that is simply luck of the draw…

I do not think we are experiencing a low numbers year and bright new fish are still arriving, but we are certainly experiencing a slow start year and the back half of the run should be very solid. This is the type of thing that causes some to change plans and go later for next year, but I can tell you that “chasing the run” like that doesn’t usually work out. It could be the complete opposite… 🤣🤷‍♂️

My best advice for the time being is to set your expectations low so that if you do roll into a great spot or two you’ll have a fantastic time, but if you don’t you’ll still have a great time regardless enjoyng that time on the water! 😎

The pictures in this report are just a few of the fish we caught this last week. We had several really fun group trips and lots of our regular clients who have experienced every end of the spectrum over the years. I don’t have the time to put names with all the faces right now and I am certain I left a few of you out, but know that our sincere thanks goes out to all of you and we are looking forward to seeing you next year!

Thats all I’ve got time for right now. Till next time, be safe, be well, have fun and respect your fellow angler…