Shop Hours are 7am to 6pm Daily!!!

Things have been crazy busy!  I would like to thank all of our clients and customers for keeping us busy!  Without you we would not be here, so THANK YOU!!!  We are on the down slide of the peak of the run in my opinion.  Spring fish are spawning and new fish are in the runs and pockets.  The new fish will not be standing still very long, so be ready to cover some water.  We are thankful the run lasted this long.  We have a couple more weeks of steelhead trips, but after that we will be on trout duty!  The warmer then normal temps might get some trout looking up sooner then scheduled.  I have already spotted a couple risers….here we go!!!  Trout Madness!!!


The River Clean-Up will be hosted on May 6, 2023…please mark your calendars and keep us posted on your participation.  We all love this river and let’s keep it beautiful and wild!!! I love this place for sure and one of the best parts of our river is the solitude factor while fishing.  With that being said, please give your fellow angler space.  If you can hear their conversation…YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!!!  One of (many) great attributes of the PM has always been manners, respect and curtesy!  However, recently that is not even present among fellow anglers…please treat others the way you would like to be treated!

It has been an amazing week (with several factors on the move)…high water, cold water, dropping water…I have been thinking and talking about some trout fishing over the last week.  Streamer action is starting to pick up with white and natural colored small patterns…while the fry bite is happening.  Look for larger and darker patterns to produce in higher water conditions.  I have a couple new tricks up my sleeve with new patterns this spring…we will see how they work???  I have several days available for streamer trips from now through mid-May!  After April 25,  I have plenty of openings, if anyone is interested for a day on the river!!!  Call 231-745-3529.

Streamers, dries and waking flies….trout madness is coming soon!!!!