I haven’t been upriver since my last report so I’m going to rely on John’s last report for details on flies, etc.… I’ve been running a little further downstream with floats & beads doing well most days. 10-12mm in the various forms of green have been my best producers, but some in the peach spectrum have done well for me also.

We were cold yesterday morning, but the fish most certainly were not! Tom, Cindy and I all got it handed to us more than a few times each by some bright new arrivals, these two colored up bucks were the only ones not camera shy…

Tom and I lost our share of battles on Thursday as well, but managed a few bright ones to hand also…
Little fish, big reach! ???

It’s always a gamble when you go further down like that as those fish don’t tend to stick around as much and pass right thru on their way to the spawning grounds, but when you do find them fresh it’s well worth it in my mind! ??

Charlie and Tom have know each other since childhood and listening to the reminiscing of exploits was almost as fun as the fishing! ? Great time guys, thanks…

I’ve only had one really tough day so far and that was right after an artic front dropped the water temperature dramatically overnight, but some others found a few willing to play that same day. Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the wrong time and then there’s those great days when you hit it just right!

Corinna got the first one that didn’t take us to the wood! ? Lost a few more over the course of the day but managed a couple of good ones to hand also including Jim’s in the bottom of the ninth! ??

Mission accomplished with Jackie and Brett! Thanks guys, hope to do it again…??

Not much more to add really, our sincere thanks to everyone for your support in the shop, at the motel or in our boats! My next available dates are currently April 9, 10 & 21 but we have other slots open as well. Give the shop a call 7am to 6pm daily to look at reservations! (231) 745-3529

Fun times group tripping with Johnny, Jim, Mike and Dan. Let’s fill those boats back up next year guys! ????

If you see some new faces at the shop that’s likely Brad or James! We want to welcome them both to the BBT family working with Jake, Jad & Curtis and hope you will as well! Have a great season everyone, we look forward to enjoying the fun with you…

Let’s go! -Steve-


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