Sorry, it’s been a minute since my last report… Staying pretty busy, but I do still have a few prime dates available as do our other guides. My personal openings are currently March 12, 27 & 31 as well as April 9th. Call to grab one of those or to check on our other guide openings/book a Motel room. (231) 745-3529 7am to 6pm daily!!

Some fish from a great day downriver with John and Devon.

I’ve spent most of my time “up top” recently and have had steady good action, but I also hit the other end of the spectrum much closer to the lake and did well there. Two collogues of mine were mid-river Tuesday and did well even in the high sun, but that’s the only first-hand reports I’ve had from that area. I have to imagine some of those fish from down low have cycled in there however. In short, we did get another push of fish in from the lake and I expect that there’ll be several more pushes to come.

A good time “up top” with Mark and Nate!

We had some melt off that bumped the water levels for a minute and that’s been great. It has already leveled off however and is starting the drop back down again. That extra flow and some color are always a welcome sight to us and it never really got to be what we consider to be “really high” or muddy, but it did make its way out of the banks a just a bit in the far lower reaches. (Good visibility combined with extra flow down there was a good thing also. ;^)

Scott and Dave had quite a few battles, but most were camera shy! ???
Great time guys, hope to do it again soon and enjoy your new craft!

“Angler X” and I had a fun day!

John did a great job of describing the patterns and techniques that we’ve been using in his last report. It pretty much mimics my own. Fry patterns (Yes, there are already actual fry and there has been for some time! ?) have been generating some awesome strikes from trout and Steelhead alike as well as the usual egg patterns and stoneflies. Size and tippet to be determined by level and clarity… I fished spinning rods w/floats, 8mm beads on 10lb floro for tippet on my lower river excursion and did well.

Mike and his son Ethan had a bunch of battles before scoring big in the bottom of the ninth! Thanks guys, it was a pleasure…???

A couple from a quick solo mission.

Best day lately had to be the one where we fished the very least but had the most fun! Closed the shop on the 2nd and all of our guides took the whole crew down the river for a “team building” day. Probably only wound up with just a few man hours of actual fishing between all of us, but the comradery and laughs were what it was really all about and we scored huge on that account!

Good times with my peeps!! You guys are all awesome! ????
Thanks for stopping to hang and take some photos for us Joe!
I could not ask for a better business partner!

Below here is the “reel” from our shop outing. I’ve done a few more recently as well, but they are difficult to insert here with limited time on my hands now so you can find them on our Facebook and Instagram accounts if you enjoy them! Not much more to add right at the moment. The shop is loaded up with fresh inventory and we’re all fired up for a great season, seeing old friends and making new ones alike. Let’s all play nice out there and have a good time as that’s really what it’s all about!

Let’s Gooooo! -Steve-