Winter Hours 9am – 5pm (Closed Tuesdays)

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy New Year!!!!  From all of us at BBT to all of you!!!!  We are extremely thankful for the wonderful 2022 year and looking forward to an amazing 2023!!!!  We had many challenges to overcome this year, but everything worked out.  The river provided excellent fishing despite some tougher condition overall (low/clear water).

I have been re-playing the year back in my head over the last week and many, many fond memories have popped up.  Each year (each day for that matter) is totally unique…conditions, weather events, fish numbers, hatch timing….etc.  Not to mention the funny events/stories that we experience or witness on the river.  Classic!!!  Never a dull moment…Thank God!  Fun times, productive fishing with an awesome customer base, shop staff and guide crew…thank you all for everything and Merry Christmas!!!  We’ll be back after it hard again in 2023!!!  We will be ready and see you then.

We are in typical “winter mode” around here.  Short shop hours, catching up with family & friends, finishing up some projects and resting up after a busy year.  The river is low and clear at the moment.  Fishing has been good when the weather is not bitterly cold.  We just experienced a big storm (not as huge as forecasted), but brutal wind and wind chill temps. There probably will be some new trees across the river, so be prepared.  I am planning on some fishing between Christmas and New Years once the weather starts warming back up.

Here are a couple pictures from my camera since my last report:


Happy Holidays everyone!  Be safe and enjoy the solitude of the season!