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Save big on your next big purchase, a number of smaller ones or, make it a fantastic gift for the angler in your life! It’s that time again!! As our way of saying thank you to all of you we are offering our Holiday Special (Until December 24, 2022) of 20% off Gift Certificates!!!! These gift certificates are good at face value for any and all shop merchandise or lodging, but not for guide trips. Call the shop to have one mailed to your door… 1-231-745-3529

Why not put some BBT under your tree!? ?

Crazy weather fronts lately have made fishing tough at times and better just once in a while… Look for things to stabilize and our winter fishing should be good all season long with plenty of fish in the system. The lower river where I’ve spent most of my time lately is probably the biggest gamble at the moment as far as numbers of fish around on any given day, but the mid and upper river all have good numbers holding.

A couple of good ones from back in November.

I had some really good fishing down that way during the big snow blast not long after my last report and since then I haven’t had a day out without a fight or a few, but I’ve certainly had some days where they were camera shy! (Or I just didn’t get the pic, my bad…) John K, John R, Donnie, Kam and I all have dates available from here on out if you’d like to get on the water a day or two and the motel is heated and ready!

A couple more from the same group. (Photo credit to Kam!)

The water is low and clear at the moment, and I don’t see anything changing that anytime soon so approach your spot accordingly! Stealth approach, fish inside out, lighter tippets for the most part and smaller flies is often tossed in here, but you’d be surprised at what a bigger offering might do as well! (Don’t be shy about trying it!) Give a good pool or run that you know consistently holds fish some time; they are most likely in there and in numbers. Change patterns & change presentation, presentation is KEY!

A very fun float with Walt and Kam in the far lower river striping streamers! All I got for my birthday was some great company, some great grub and this Pike that Kam caught however… ?

We obviously have all the fly patterns or the materials you’ll need to tie them in the shop as well as the bait and the lures that consistently get bit, but did you know that we are also carrying full lines of beads, floats, float fishing accessories, float rods, spin reels, centerpin reels, centerpin rods, etc.?? (Some things to spend that 20% off gift certificate on maybe! ? )

Merry Christmas everyone from all of us at BBT!!
Kam and I ran into these two goofballs down low the other day! Good times…

I’m gonna cut this short now as I’ve got a lot of backed up chores and projects to do around here after a very busy fall, (Thank You!!) but I’ll post again when I have something relevant to talk about. Until then, we thank you sincerly for your support past, present and future, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as we did, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever the phrase is that suits you!!

All the best from the entire BBT Crew! -Steve-

A great shot of the World’s Largest Brown Trout sculpture in downtown Baldwin! (Photo credit to Natalie Maycock Nichols, thank you!) We are happy to have been sponsors of this landmark three times over!