Hey guys,

Another big lapse there I know, but nothing much had changed until very recently, so I’ve just stashed a few King images of various clients since last report for another “photo dump” of sorts…

A couple of several downriver kings from Monday…

That being said, I was lucky enough to have clients willing to run downriver with me the past two days seeking some new arrivals and it was awesome to say the least. We didn’t crush it on the numbers, but we had solid action hooking a nice variety of new fish to the system, had the river almost entirely to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed that time on the water with the quality of the experience over quantity of the fish mentality in full swing.

Just one of the Cohos we made contact with, thanks for a great day John & Joe

I was hoping to have one of those nice chrome or pink striped Steelhead we did do battle with as my new header here and we hooked several (Or more ;^) both days, but unfortunately those have been too hot to handle in the woody debris we’ve found them in thus far. Some nice Cohos, Kings and Pike were landed however and as my client said yesterday, those epic battles we lost with new silver are enough alone to make you come back!

Alex and Rodney joined me yesterday seeking new arrivals, here’s a few that found the net. Thanks guys!

I gave Kam my Salmon trip for today and I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring yet as I haven’t heard back yet on the options we gave, but Friday is another great “new arrivals” day with my longest running client/friend and I have the week after that blocked off for another friend’s visit as well as my own physical and mental health before our annual river cleanup on Saturday the 22nd. Call the shop to put your name on the list if you’d like to help out! (231) 745-3529 Details to be announced…

My fall Steelhead season will “officially” kick off on Sunday the 23rd even though we have seeked and found already. That calendar is filling in nicely for the remainder of October and November, but I do still have some great dates available if you’d like to get out with me as well as more great openings with the rest of our guides. Again, just call the shop to check on motel or guide availability.

We are finally getting some much-needed rain around here that appears will continue for a bit. That combined with the cooler temperatures/cooler water should really help to wash out the old and bring in the shiny new! To say that we’re excited about switching gears would be a gross understatement, but I do want to sincerely thank everyone for what has been, and continues to be for some, a fantastic Salmon season!

Below here are a few fish since last report from the mid and upper river. (Click on any image for a larger view or slideshow.) Quality fish are still here to be found for sure…


As always, we can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for your support or our staff for all their hard work. Here’s to the remainder of the Salmon season being great for those of you fishing it and the awesome fall Steelhead season that’s just getting started. Till next time, be safe, be well and above all, get out there and have some fun!!




  1. Steve: Could you provide some fish lengths with a pic once in a while? I try to estimate on the giants by using 4-finger width, but that gives me a rough number at best.
    I helped get the fishery started with Howard Tanner in the 1960s and have a 20lb Coho on my wall from September 27, 1967 at Platte Bay.while a DNR guest. Many charters out of Frankfort over the years, but most fun was with 3 friends camped out on PM in fall wade fishing for steel in 1980s and 90s. (My best was 33″.) Bought a lot of flies from you-all! Retired now in NW Virginia, but active with TU and carry out trout stream projects for naturally reproducing rainbows in a small spring creek nearby —-
    Followed your Alaska activities – in part because sister has lived in Anchorage since 1963 and I got to fish in vicinity and Kenai Peninsula many times.
    Good luck to BB&T this steelhead season and many more years.
    Bernard (Bud) Nagelvoort

    • Hey Bud,
      If I think about it maybe I’ll measure one or two, but we usually just lift, photo and release as quickly as possible.

      Thanks for your efforts and support!

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