The shop is open 7 am to 7 pm Daily!!!

We are burning the candle at both ends…and that is an understatement!  We have been super busy and love it!  Thank you very, very much!!!  I am sorry, but this is another brief report…

We got a great shot of rain over the weekend and the river bounced up a bit.  But it’s quickly dropping and clearing.  The upper river is back to “normal” but the lower river is still holding a decent tea colored stain.  That will be gone shortly with the extended forecast.

There are tons of fish in the system.  Plenty spawning and/or around the gravel, but that is not the only game in town….there are new fish swimming upstream daily.  We have been electing for “quality vs. quantity” and its been fun!!!  Both spin fishing and fly fishing have been productive.

One quick thought to keep in your back pocket…the Pere Marquette is a naturally reproducing river with wild fish.  Each hen is carrying the next generation of eggs…please release all wild hens for our future.  It is up to us to protect and preserve this fishery!

It’s been another awesome week with clients and friends…

“The curious thing about fishing is you never want to go home.  If you catch anything, you can’t stop.  If you don’t catch anything, you hate to leave in case something might bite.”  – Gladys Taber