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The river is still low and clear, but there is and has been some scattered showers over the last couple days.  The recent rain has raised the river level a bit, but I would still call it “normal levels”.  Cooler air temps have helped the migration for sure!  There are lots of fish on the move for the last several days…from top to bottom, there are fish.  Some sections are thicker with fish then others, but that is the challenge of chasing migratory fish.  Here today and gone tomorrow.

We have been enjoying a great season thus far!  Great times, lots of fish, tons of laughs and new memories are being created.  It’s been an awesome season with some big fish!  There are plenty of fish starting to spawn too; so look for fish in the pocket water as well.  Once the spawners start digging, the fresh fish will sit behind the party in the pools and runs.  Fishing around and behind the spawners can produce kings, steelies and trout.  It’s the feeding lane and keep an eye out for trout & steelies behind the egg drop.

We have been tossing hardware in the low-light hours and fly fishing the mornings & afternoons.  The standard fly patterns have been working.  Fall is in the air!  The hunt for fall steelhead is not far off.  Check with the shop fro book trip.  I have spotted a couple steelies and John Robinson’s client hooked one today, but lost it.

It’s the first day of fall today, so here we go!!!!  River Clean-Up is October 22…please RSVP the shop if you are planning on attending…231-745-3529.  Please save the day and make it happen.  The river needs our attention and help…support what you love and show it with your actions!!!  This is a very special place and let’s keep it that way!!!

I would like to thank all my & our clients/guests this past week…Thank you!!!  It was an awesome week and we made some memories!  Here are a few that did not get away…

Thank you for another great week on the Pere Marquette River!!!  Fall is officially here…get out there and have some fun!