Good morning,

Kevin with the fish of the season so far!

The answers to the inevitable questions about the headliner picture are… It’s a colored-up lake run Brown, it measured 29 inches from its tail to its very cool nose and it took a brown stone fly on the first cast of a very productive day yesterday! Nice work Kevin, looking forward to doing it again today.

Had a great time with Chris and Larry on the 9th. Here’s a couple…

One that didn’t get away! ?
Good times with John and Joe!

John pretty much covered the bases in his short report, but I’ll touch on the highlights again real quick. The river has filled in nicely with Kings at this point and fish can be found in all stages of the spawning cycle including new arrivals daily from the lake.

We got it handed to us by super charged fish the far lower river on crank baits this day, but Paul came thru after an epic battle with this dandy….
Scott was up to his old tricks.

Got away from the crowds and did some small(er) stream stuff with Rob and Lila. What a blast!

“Most” of the normal staging pools are holding good numbers, but there is still a little of the ‘ole here today and gone tomorrow in places so you may need to search a little. I haven’t personally fished anywhere above Rainbow Rapids yet this season (except for one walk in trip) preferring the little fresher and allot meaner fish that haven’t swam quite as far, but we’ve seen plenty of fish on redds in passing down there and my understanding is that spawning is in full effect throughout the system.

A group trip with anglers Mike, Ron, Dave, Paul & Tim…

Crank baits have been productive in the early hours of the morning before the sun gets high and are a great way to cover some water targeting fish on the move or staged up in the pools. We’ve been drifting flies after that for the most part, but we’re also getting a few on float rigs with larger beads as well.

 A nice little storm came thru yesterday giving us yet another little much needed bump in water levels and a bit of a cool down in water temperatures, another good thing! I don’t have a lot of time this morning before my trip so I’m going to leave it at that and let just a few pictures speak the rest of the words…

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 22nd if you’re interested in helping out for BBT’s annual fall river cleanup, details to follow! The shop is loaded up with the things you’ll need for a successful outing as well as lots of things you might just want, so please stop in and see us if you’re in the area; as always, we truly appreciate your support!

A few besides that awesome brown from yesterday. Same group/crew today, should be a blast!

I believe we’ve had a cancellation or two and a few guide dates have opened up for this Salmon season, just call the shop to check on those as well as motel openings and fall steelhead dates that are filling in nicely now. (231) 745-3529 Shop hours are currently 7am to 7pm daily!!

Till next time, be safe, be well and above all, get out and have some fun!!