Hey guys, quick note, I have a client who has to cancel September 13th, so if anyone is interested in picking up this prime date just give the shop a call. (231) 745-3529. (9/9/2022 morning edit. This date has now been filled. Thank you!) 

John and John with a couple of several fish from a scouting mission we did last week after the rains. All the action was on crank baits that day…

Nothing much new to add to John’s report other than the river is fast becoming low and clear again, but it looks like we’ll get new shots of water from Sunday on for a bit. New fish continue to enter the lower river regardless. Jake and I did a quick scouting mission below Scottville yesterday morning and the stick bite was off during those few short hours, but only because they were moving too fast, and that movement was nice to see!

Kash had his hands full of super-hot fish this day and tamed this nice hen. Way to go buddy!

All sections of the river do have good numbers of fish, but not every hole in every section by any means and there is some daily shuffling. In other words, you may have to move up or down a little to find the bigger batches if it’s a little thin where you’re at. Fish are moving in low to no light and then settling into the holding/staging pools as well as woody cover when brighter daylight takes over.

Jay and Patrice had a great day full of bent rods and screaming drags! Here’s a few of those to hand…

Flies, beads, bait and lures are all working at times when presented properly but be sure to check the regulations for the area you’re fishing. (i.e. M-37 to Gleasons landing is flies only, catch and release.) Kings tend to be very focused on the task at hand and while their numbers are usually great only a certain amount are going to take an interest in biting. Be patient to reap those rewards and enjoy this special time on the water!

Dan was solo with me on Monday, but the two of us had a great time! Here’s a couple of those to hand…

Shop hours are 7am to 7pm daily now and our stock is better than it has been since those pesky supply chain interruptions started, so stop in and check it out if you get a chance. We’ve probably got what you’ll need and most likely a few things you that might just like! Jake, Curtis, Kirk, Hailey and Karen are all in the shop or on the phones to help you out however we can, and we truly appreciate your support!

 I’ve been off the past three days with dental cleaning and doctors’ appointments I had scheduled prior to Alaska, (All is well, just the usual checks and balances since my 2016 episodes.) but I’m back out again tomorrow and will be getting after it from here on out. Sounds like we may be in for a fantastic fall Steelhead season, and we’ve got dates available. Give us a call to get in on the action and till next time, be safe, be well and have some fun!!