NEW SHOP HOURS 7am to 7pm!!!!!

Sorry for the long lapse in reports…took a family vacation, been busy guiding, preparing for the fall season and getting the shop stocked up!!!  The fall season is upon us!  The shop is loaded up with rods, reels, tackle, waders, flies and everything else you might need or just want…please stop in and thin out our inventory.  Jake, Curtis and Kirk will be manning the shop this fall and are a wealth of knowledge!!!  We are truly lucky to have such a great staff and awesome customer base….THANK YOU!!!!

We still have a few open guide dates in the near future and availability at the Motel if you need lodging.  My current open dates are: August 31, September 1, 4, 5 & 6,  October 10, 11, 13 & 14…please contact the shop (231-745-3529) to lock in a date.  Steve, Johnny Robinson and Kam have a handful of openings as well.  We are all excited and ready for a great fall season!

We finally received a good storm yesterday that dropped some much needed rain over the watershed.  And we are forecasted for another storm this afternoon/evening.  The river is finally on the rise which should get some kings pushing up stream!  There was a decent push of fish about 2 weeks ago, but those fish are scattered and in the tributaries by now.  There has been a couple smaller waves that have come through the lower river, but nothing significant yet.  Hopefully, this bump in water will get things fired up!!!

I would like to thank everyone that fished with us this summer!  It was a really busy summer and a ton of fun trout fishing!  I wrapped up all my trout trips last week and from here on out we will be focusing on the migratory fish.  Trout fishing was getting pretty tough with some shinning moments.  Bigger dries and attractors were getting some quality looks, but not lots of looks.  Twitch bugs and wet flies were the most productive.  However, the increased water level should provide some great streamer action for a couple days.

We will be guiding or scouting everyday this week, so we will keep you posted as things develop.  We will have our finger on the pulse, so stay tuned!  Look for weekly reports throughout the remainder of the fall.  Our plan is the stay in the lower sections of the river until the whole system fills in.  Tossing hardware, drifting big beads and stripping streamers…sounds fun to me!

Good luck out there and please respect your fellow anglers!  Fishing pressure is going to be increasing, so please remember why we’re out there…to have fun!  Be curious and you might just meet a new fishing buddy???