“To be silent the whole day, see no newspaper, hear no radio, listen to no gossip, be thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world is the finest medicine a man can give himself.” ~ Henry Miller

Well, that’s it, I’m back home and feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and soul after having had 18 days of solid, epic and quite often, in solitude adventure that I’m officially calling the successful completion of at least my 3rd or 4th mid-life crisis!  (I’m kidding about the crisis thing of course, because every single day has been and always will be a gift since being told by several different specialist to get my affairs in order back in 2016.)

A good ‘ole fashioned Diner with a solid menu in Homer.

I could have taken another week there, but that still wouldn’t have put a dent in all there is to see and do around Alaska, so I’m taking a little time with my wife, friends and my pups back here in Baldwin instead before officially kicking off my Salmon season on the 27th. I’ll just have to bring my wife and maybe even some friends back to Alaska sometime in the next couple of years to cross more off that list.

Great spot on the spit with a nice menu and a great Bloody Mary!
That photo bomber is the best!! ?

Coming back earlier than originally planned did open up some prime guide dates with me if you’re interested. A few have already filled, but as of this moment I still have August 28, 29, 30 & 31 as well as September 1 & 5 open. After that my next opening is October 12 with lots of great fall Steelhead dates open from there on out. Just give the shop a call to check on availability at (231) 745-3529.

One of many stops to catch a fish along the way…

With plenty to organize and put away (Man, I had accumulated a lot of stuff up in AK! ?) I’ve only gotten out on the river here once so far and that was yesterday with Kirk, but I have spoken with many and have a fairly good feel for what’s happening…

A rare open spot right in front of the Salty Dawg…
Couple more harbor shots…

The water is currently low and clear so, we could use some more for sure, but from the sounds of it, trout fishing remains good and most sections have at least one or two early staging holes with “fishable numbers” of Kings in them from some earlier pushes, nothing is hot-n-heavy just yet.

Felt good to hitch this baby up early morning again!

Kirk and I went pretty far down in the motor water yesterday morning after hearing it was pretty good in that area several days prior to that, but those fish had pushed on up into cooler waters already and we, as well as several other boats including two with some guide friends in them, never saw or hooked any in that section last we spoke. I changed tactics for just a few minutes and both Kirk and I landed one Pike each on top water as well as missing a few others.

Got Kirk’s Pike taking a buzz bait on film…

After that we motored back up, took out, removed said motor and rowed a section of mid-river. We were only in our first hole a few minutes and were 1 for 2 on Kings when another friend of mine, who was working, came down and I gave him that spot. Saw and bumped into just a few after that, but two different sets of people we passed were in good spots.

One we put to hand.

I was just about to try our last stop and cook up a late lunch for us when my buddy Steve from Barski called and asked if we wanted to stop by and see him and some of his staff who were there doing some prep work on our way home, so I said yes if he’d finish my lunch up for me! ?? (In other words, we never even tried that last stop, but got a nice flair on my venison Steaks and corn instead with some great company.)

Thanks for hookin’ it up Steve and great to see you all again!

The shop is still doing 8am to 6pm daily, but that may change soon for the season; we’ll let you know when that happens. Stock is looking great right now with more appearing daily and we are fired up for a great season of serving you! (Some great motel and guide dates available yet as well! 231 745-3529) Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s something we’re missing and, as always, we TRULY appreciate your loyalty and support! It simply doesn’t happen without it, and we sincerely hope we’ve earned it…

Just a short video of the Exit Glacier overlook area just outside of Seward Alaska. Beautiful, even on a cloudy rainy day…

Scattered thru here are a few more pictures of some stuff along the way of my Alaskan adventure since my last post, but not nearly enough to express the sheer joy and magnitude of it. Some of this some of you may have already seen (On my social media, personal links at bottom of bio.) and some I know you haven’t as well as a few more videos. (Some with and some without the super cheesy soundtracks that come copywrite free in the software…?)


Resurrection Bay, Seward AK. More “cheesy background music” I’m afraid… All you could here in the actual video was a lot of wind noise…
I actually did catch some fish at various stops along my unplanned path & campsites, but I just realized today while going thru my album that I did not take one single fish photo! There was really quite a bit I “should have” taken more photos and videos of, but I was too busy enjoying the moment! Some scenery and my bike is basically what you get here and most of that is just in my memory banks as well…


This one is just a few random pictures and short clips from a very fun ATV day. Wish I taken allot more video…

Stuck my phone in a pocket and got a few short clips of a long day riding some of the stuff in the area…
I do gotta take a minute here to thank my good friend Bob in Eagle River for helping me out with getting my bike from the shipper and giving me a great place to gear up at when I first started that journey as well as Tim and his wife Hillarie up in Talkeetna and my buddy Eric in Homer for not only letting me use their places as a base of operations, but for also taking me along on some great trips!


All of this certainly extended the amount of time I could afford to be there by quite a bit and I wound up getting away with just one night in a B&B, three nights in hotel rooms and a couple of fantastic impromptu camp sites.


If you like float planes and a little bit of bears this one is for you. It’s just some random flight clips, planes taking off and landing at Crosswinds as well as some bears on the creek…

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you right now. I will be getting out more here in the next several days and will try to post again soon, then on the regular after that with up-to-date river reports. Till then, be well, be safe and above all, try and have some fun!


From August 6, 2022, Below Here

Hi guys, long time no post, but hey, I’m still much earlier than expected! (Best part of working in AK for me was going completely dark and being unplugged from the world.) As many of you already know from my personal social media feeds, I decided to revert back to my original “plan a” and after a great Sockeye Season up at Naknek River Camp I officially retired, flew my bike to Anchorage and I am now just kicking around Alaska on it.

Before you go too far, be warned! There is no Pere Marquette River report in this post. It’s really just a “blog” of what I’m up to and what I’ll be doing along with a few pictures and videos, but if there’s any interest there at all, please read on!

Denali from the riverside in Talkeetna.

To be clear, I retired from guiding there, not from going there and not from guiding in Michigan! Check out our dates for next year at Alaska’s Naknek River Camp and we can go back together… In the meantime, I will be looking to fill my summer trout trip schedule back home again so go ahead and grab yourself a prime streamer, sulphur, drake, hex, terrestrial, etc., etc., date with me while they’re all still wide open for 2023! ? 231 745-3529 (Also just opened up some King dates in late August/early September for this year.)

The South overlook from Highway 3 north of Talkeetna.

I absolutely loved my “summer camp” job, the people I worked with there and all of the great memories that were made, but my wife Karen also made a valid point in that maybe we should share a few more summers together in Michigan again as well and to be fair, she’s been pretty patient and understanding with me for the better part of many years since the early 90’s spending my summers away in AK.

Denali Brewing’s facility just South of Talkeetna on the South Talkeetna Spur Road.

August 3rd was a great day to say the least! Weather was fantastic, sunny and warm. After staying the night as their guest, I had breakfast in Talkeetna with Hillarie and young Parker while Tim was out on one of his many flights and we were treated to a pretty darn good view of Denali from the riverside in town as shown above in a very zoomed shot…

A few shots of the inside visitor’s pub.

After that I took my bike up north on 3 toward Denali National Park and checked out the view from the South overlook while I waited to see if my “friends and family” seat on Tim’s 4pm flight would stay open. It had clouded in a bit at that location as shown above here, but it was a nice ride, nonetheless.

I made a quick stop at the main Denali Brewing Company facility on the way back for some lunch & a tasty ale treat then another short run back into town found my seat still available for one of the most beautiful flights I’ve ever been on! (And that’s saying something!) Almost 2hrs total time out with a complete circle plus around Denali, lots of weaving in, around and thru the other peaks, valleys, etc. and about 20min on the ground of a glacier where we landed on skis.

Tim had one more flight after that one, so I stopped at the Denali Brewing Company’s other pub in Talkeetna proper for some awesome IPA and appetizers before meeting up with him, Hillarie and Parker again for an exciting mini jet boat ride up and back down the Chulitna & Talkeetna rivers.

With Tim on the glacier. An unexpected highlight of the trip!

All I can say is that I’ve done some pretty serious jet boating myself in and above the Braids of the Alagnak River besides a few fun spots on the Nak, but those mini boats can go thru and even jump over some almost unbelievable stuff. I’m a little jealous that this is just a regular form of entertainment for him and the family if I’m being honest… ????Below here are a couple of videos I posted to YouTube of both the plane and boat ride. Both have some very cheesy iMovie soundtracks because I was just too lazy to sort thru for anything better, but you can always turn the volume completely down and listen to your own music; that might make it a bit better. ?It was actually VERY hard to keep theses from becoming full fledge feature films so I apologize if they’re a bit long, but I did find something in each clip that I kept and/or cropped worth seeing so watch them all the way thru if you can find the time to and enjoy. (Best bet as always is on a laptop or flat screen TV full screen and adjusted in the settings to the highest 1080 HD resolution, but any way you view them I hope you get the gist of it; neither can do true justice to actually being there of course…’



I crashed at their place again that night and the next morning decided that I’d probably never get a better view of the mountains than I just had by air, so it was time to head back south past Anchorage. All of Thursday consisted of riding and stopping along the 214 miles of awesome roads and scenery from Talkeetna to Cooper Landing on the Kenai, a fun little town full of fly shops, guides, fisher people, happy hippies and lots of lodges. (The Sterling Highway is a must see by the way!)

The fly shop across the street from The Hutch B&B. Nice folks there!

I stayed the night at The Hutch B&B, met some really cool people and had a great night watching those young(er) folks party like there’s no tomorrow at the Sunrise Inn’s Bar back up the highway a bit. Let’s just say it was a whole new level of Karaoke and crowd participation like I’ve never seen leading to a later night than intended, but I was safely back on a very wet & windy, but still beautiful road the next morning at the crack of “check out is 11:00am”. ?

The Hutch B&B

I met another guide buddy, Jordan Carter, at the Centennial Park boat ramp in Soldotna at 1pm sharp where he was dropping his morning clients back off and was planning to take me back out for some fun, but it was really windy and he’s been working his butt off with usually two trips a day, so it wasn’t very hard for me to convince him to just pull the boat and go have some lunch instead. It was great just to catch up with an old friend and, congratulate him on the upcoming nuptials!

The anglers lined up on the Kenai just below the boat ramp were still catching silver Sockeyes.
The view behind my trusty steed is the mountain ranges across the Cook Inlet from Clam Gulch along the Sterling Highway between Soldotna and Homer.
Another bike shot, of course, but this time from the welcome area entering Homer.

Another 77 miles of the still very windy, but now dry and always beautiful Sterling Highway found me meeting up with another great friend of mine, Eric Inglis who is a pilot here for Emerald Air Service, and a few of his coworkers at The Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit. Here he made my next move(s) easy when he gave me keys to the castle (His Condo here with an awesome spare room.) and said to stay as long as you like…

A must stop if you’re on the spit!

I watched him take off with a crew of tourist headed to Brooks this morning in the Otter that he flies from his condo’s window actually, because it’s conveniently located right next to where he works! Went for a little walk after that, but decided that before I do anyting else too fun it was past time for some sort of update from me and I started on this. Now, if you’re still reading, you know the rest of the story and probably more than you wanted to!

Just a tiny bit of a very large harbor on the spit.

I’ll probably stick around here for a few days exploring and let these winds die down before my next part of the adventure, the 170 miles from here to Seward. This involves going back up the Sterling Highway just past Cooper Landing where I then hang a right by Tern Lake onto the Seward Highway for some brand-new spectacular views! I’ll probably spend a couple of days in that area checking out Seward and the Kenai fjords.

Emerald Air Service!

After that it’s anyone’s guess, but it’s very likely that in the end my buddy here will become the proud new owner of my KLR Adventure Touring bike and I’ll fly from here back to Anchorage and then onto Michigan where I’ve promised to be home by the 26th at the latest, but “probably” much sooner than that. (I actually do miss my wife, my pups and my friends very much, but this is a chance I may never have again so I’m taking it! ??)

The Otter that Eric flies for them…

Well… You’re as caught up as I am at this point and it’s just past 1pm here. (We’re 4hrs earlier than Michigan.) All that means is that I’ve got time to go get some lunch, ride a cool road going East from here that Eric told me about and still be back in time to meet up with him upon his return for another fun evening.

Hope you are all having a great summer and I’ll see ya soon. Till then, be well, be safe and above all, have some fun!