Hey guys, yep, I’m still kicking! ? Haven’t been posting much because, quite frankly, I’ve had all my days blocked off for other things and I haven’t been fishing “much”. (Also, been taking “somewhat” of media break in this world gone mad that’s about to get quite serious for a few months…

I am currently sitting in the Anchorage Alaska airport about to board my last flight over to King Salmon and my fun “summer camp” gig at Alaska’s Naknek River Camp. My plan, per usual these past few years, is to go into a complete and blissful media blackout until my return on September 5th and then you should hear from me again quite regularly on social media as well as weekly reports right here. (I can be reached thru the camp in an emergency.)

Anyway, I have been out a few times and while I haven’t been the best at taking pictures when I did, the ones I did take added up to a little that I haven’t shared so, I’m doing this photo dump now so I can start fresh in the fall! These fish, mostly standard to small, are a mixture of primarily streamers, a few on dry flies and a couple on jerk baits, all of which are still working!

In short since my time is short, the shop is very well stocked, the bugs are popping and we’ve still got guides and lodging available in Baldwin to serve your needs! Keep the guys busy for me if you can and I’ll see you all in the fall. As always, we truly appreciate your support and have a great summer!!


Here’s a few pics of where I’m headed, my home away from home!

This video was pretty popular, so I’ll leave it here a while! It is best viewed full screen, 1080p and volume on.