The shop is currently open 8am to 6pm daily.  We are stocked up on everything you might need (or want) for all our local streams and lakes.  We are still seeing some items that are not available, but we have supplemented substitute products to fill those voids.  Lots of dry flies, streamers and mice in stock….rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet too!  Stop in, give us a call or order on-line…we appreciate your business and support!

Trout fishing has been good!  The river is currently low and clear and running in the low 50’s.  (Stay informed with water levels and water temps from the three PMTU Water Monitoring Stations…links on our home page).  We are seeing lots of bugs hatching when the conditions are right.  A mixed bag best describes the current situation…Gray Drakes, Sulphurs and yellow sallies are the most abundant on warmer evenings.  And BWO’s have been present on cloudy/overcast days.  There has not been many great spinner falls with the recent weather (cool nights)…but the fish are looking up!  Hitting the seams and bubble lines with a dry will get some looks!  It is very encouraging to see consistent mayfly hatches after last summers disappointing hatches.

A nice evening watching Drakes and Sulphurs in the sky

We have LOTS of great fishing options right now.  Daytime attractors, streamers, evening hatches and nighttime mousing…pick your poison!  June is quickly approaching and holds some of the BEST dry fly fishing Michigan has to offer!  Give us a call to book a guide trip…231-745-3529.  We would love to show you our beautiful river!

Bouncing rubber legged attractors during the day is generating some nice takes

Daytime attractor fishing is starting to get more looks each day.  Rubber legged patterns close to the banks and structure is one off my favorite ways to search for quality fish durning the day.  Don’t go light on your tippet or you might regret your decision after you lose a nice fish to the lumber.  Ants, beetles and stoneflies are all on the menu right now.  The banks are coming alive and it’s great to see…damsels will show up in Mid-June and become a new target for an aggressive bank dwelling brown trout!

Mike with a well earned trout!
A fun day tossing streamers in the rain

The streamer fishing has been HOT and COLD.  Overcast and rainy conditions have been the best, but downsizing your pattern in clear water will help.  The standard color spectrum has produced…Black, Olive, Yellow, Tan, white and gray.  Pick your pattern to match the water/weather conditions…smaller more natural colors on bright days and larger profiles on overcast or in stained water.  You can’t strip the fly too fast…move it; jerk strips with pauses.

Waking flies after dark is a great option…Nice work Joe!

Nighttime fishing is here and gaining popularity.  Most nights have been productive, but it’s not a slam dunk.  The fish have been seeing a lot more nighttime offerings over the last several years and some fish are pretty spooky.  With that being said, please respect other anglers space and try to communicate when floating past another boat or angler.  Slowly covering water in key to the nighttime game…you might be surprised where a big fish blows up on your fly.  If you need a clean/comfortable place to stay after night fishing…give us a call to reserve a room at our Motel…231-745-3529.

New tools in the boat…Sage R8 Core Rods and Sage Spectrum LT Reels

It’s dry fly season on the Pere Marquette River with the best yet to come!  Gray drakes are just starting and hexes coming soon!!!  Don’t wait too long to book a guide trip…things are developing right on schedule and June is a week away!  I wish June and November could be 60 day months, because it’s such a special time to be fishing on the PM.  It feels really good to be sitting on the river each evening waiting and watching…it truly is a “magical” hour both physically and mentally.  Casting to a rising trout takes you to a worry free place for a few minutes and that is worth it’s weight in gold!

Evening dry fly fishing has been productive…I have been enjoying it before we start getting busy guiding

Enjoy the resource and being outside…watch the river before you start casting you might be surprised what you see!  They are not always in the deepest water.  Have a great weekend and hope to see you on the river, at the shop or our Motel!!!  Good luck out there!!!