Hey guys, mostly wanted to remind everyone about the annual cleanup this Saturday. We will meet at the shop at 8am to try and spread out and cover as much river as possible, set up car spots, hand out trash bags (Both on us.) and take a group photo. The appreciation dinner, also on us, will be in my pole barn at 6pm. Please let the shop know ahead of time if you’ll be attending that so we can better plan what’s needed and BYOB. Hope to see many of you then!!

Pretty fun group of guys on the 10th and 11th! Thanks Brandon and Dillon…

The “report” part of this will be short and sweet again simply because I need a little more rest! Burning the candle at both ends hardly describes a season, but there’s more time off for me after tomorrow and I should be rejuvenated in no time.

The 12th was another great group trip! Thank you Rich and Andrew…
Fat and sassy!

Steelhead fishing remains solid depending on the conditions. Good numbers are still here, but on a bright and sunny day that could be hard to convince someone of; roll in some good overcast/drizzle and it looks like peak. These fish are masters at hiding in inaccessible locations when they want to…

Pool and run fishing is producingĀ more drop-backs than anything, but we are still seeing a trickle of new fish in the mix. Most fish are either out spawning when conditions are right or just hiding as mentioned in undercuts, log jams, etc.

Our “cover girl” 10 yr old Margot spent the day with her dad and Kam following her brothers lead from last year by catching not only her first Steelhead, but a few more as well! Great job to this little lady, her father and her guide!!!

Eggs in pale and natural colors/sizes have been solid, but don’t be afraid to go big either, especially when fishing the deep water for hungry drop-backs. My best nymphs have been fry/alevin patterns, black stones, hex nymphs and hares ears.

Who can forget Margot’s brother Elias from last year! Kam did an amazing job with this seven-year-old new Steelhead angler! We can’t wait to watch them both grow..

I’ve been terrible about taking photos this past week and on a few days there weren’t many to be taken, but lots of action to be had. Most of these I’ve scattered thru here are just a few I stole from clients.

Herb got it done with me on Sunday. ?

Best day of the week wasn’t because we caught a bunch, (Landed a few, lost a bunch! ?) it was because it was spent with my very first client ever on the PM this past Friday.

Celebrating our 30-year streak!

Neither my sickness in 2016 nor Covid has managed to kill our streak of what is now officially 30 springs in a row!! (Not to mention, Alaska, Argentina, most falls and a few summer gigsā€¦) Great client and an even greater friend, here’s to many more Paul! ?

Glad you could join us Jeff and have for so many of them…

Shop hours are still 8am to 6pm daily and we do have guides and motel availability. Just give the shop a call to check on dates, 231 745-3529. I’m gonna cut this short now and get to dinner. Hope to see you Saturday if not before or after. Thanks so much for your support!!!!