Hey guys, I will post a more detailed report sometime tomorrow during my day off, but a heads up is in order…

We are currently in the “use extreme caution” phase of water level. This below is the graph at M-37 from just a few minutes ago this morning and to give you an idea there was about 8” of post showing at the M-37 launch.

it’s not really going thru the woods “yet”, but it may well be by this afternoon or evening. You can find all of the monitoring stations linked right here in our website.

if you’re not an experienced high water rower I’d suggest holding off for a few days and keeping a eye on it. We usually don’t worry too much about it until it’s flowing thru the woods and then there’s always the danger of root wads or trees coming downriver that could cause an unpleasant incident no matter how good you are on the sticks.

The small islands above Burnt Cottage and just around the corner from Shockton’s a few minutes ago…

I would stick to wading only where you can see bottom right now as well as this water can be quite deceptive. That’s all I’ve got for now, have fun, but please be careful!