Hey guys, hopefully everyone is enjoying a happy new year thus far; I know I am! Sorry for the lack of reports, but as many of you that have been following us for very long well know, you’ll have that sometimes in the “off season” and I’ve simply been enjoying somewhat of a hiatus…

Group floats in the winter are always fun!
Joe gettin’ it done…

We honestly haven’t been out much at all as of late, but more than a few of my good friends and colleagues have been getting out on the regular despite the cold temps and on “most days” doing rather well. There are certainly plenty of fish in the system, but a good knowledge of the winter lies, covering water, proper tippet, presentation and bait, fly or lure all play a huge role in these conditions.

There are currently two large tree obstructions that I am aware of. One between Bowman’s and MacDougall’s (Just a few bends above Mac I believe.) and another between MacDougall’s and Rainbow just a few bends below Mac… Other than that, there’s been some pretty good shelf Ice at times, and it even froze lightly across in a few places a time or two, before opening back up again.

Venison brats are always a winter favorite!

As of this moment it is passable in all the usual winter floats with the exception of the trees listed above, but I expect we will see it freeze over at Gleason’s and a few places like it sometime this week with the temps that are predicted. Just be prepared to break ice in a few places or drag over (Something I’ve done plenty of!) in the near future for a bit.

Rick in on the action!

My current focus has been reverted back to some shop matters and one of those items I’ve just checked off the list is locking our destination travel dates and rates in! If you’re looking to join us in Alaska, we have dates and rates set for both 2022 and 2023. Click here for those details! Patagonia Argentina has been set aside for this year, but our dates and rates for 2023 are all set there as well, and we are chomping at the bit to get back! Click here for those details…

Leo with a bend for the rod just prior to the new year on a group float…

The phone has been ringing pretty steady as of late and spring dates are filling in fast for Steelhead. Our current winter shop hours are Closed on Tuesday, 9am to 5pm Wednesday thru Monday. Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip or room and keep in mind that the winter fishing has been good overall as well. We have plenty of guides with heaters in the boats available now! (231) 745-3529

My last victim… (Tried to sharpen this image and got more color than there actually was…)

Other than that, I am pecking away at the on-line store again as well. Keep in mind when visiting that “low stock” or “out of stock” is actually a good thing for us this time of year not having a huge stash of cash that we can afford to let just sit on the shelves in the winter, but we do have lots of fly tying, leaders and tippet, fly lines, fly rods, fly reels, waders/boots, hats, clothing, sunglasses, stickers and fly fishing accessories listed that are in stock if you’d like to support us during the leaner months and… all with free shipping! Click here for the on-line store! (More items being added daily…)

Our main man Jake with one of his recent catches!

Not much to add really, if you’re into the ice fishing it’s been decent around here lately as well and we carry all the bait & tackle you’ll need! With 156 lakes in Lake County, many of them with public access, you can target a variety of species and mix it up fairly well. Most lakes have about 4″ to 6+” of ice at the moment (Mostly 6+”) and are still building.

Till next time, take care and tight lines, -Steve-