Merry Christmas!!!!  I would like to wish everyone a very happy & healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year!!!!  Thank you for a great 2021!  We are looking forward to an even “fishier” 2022!!!!  It has been a great year overall…more good then bad; so I am very thankful!  It cannot be said enough, so here goes one more time….Thank you all who continue to support BBT (The shop, guides and Motel) without you we would no be here.  Your loyalty and dedication motivate us to better serve our customers and guests!!!  Be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends over the holiday season!!!

It has been a while since my last report; busy, internet issues at home, spending time with family, blah, blah, blah…here’s is what is happening.  We finally received a good bump in water levels about a week ago and it shuffled the deck.  Just in time for winter!  A lot of the fish in the lower river shot up stream and some new fish have also entered the lower river.  There are “new” fish throughout the entire system.  The upper river is running at about normal, however the middle and lower sections are still a touch above normal with a nice tea color.  We really needed this event to push some fish upstream/around before winter.

I have been out a fair amount with good results.  It’s been a mixed bag of offerings from tossing plugs, beads and flies.  Eggs have still been the most consistent offering (pale oranges, chartreuse, nukes, clowns and rag eggs).  I have been in the lower and middle sections since my last report, but I bet the nymph bite is picking up in the fly water (Stones, hexes, green caddis and pheasant tails).  (Please remember, beads are NOT legal to fish in the “Flies Only” Section….no matter how it might be rigged….Thank you!)  I also plan on getting some streamer fishing in from here on out when the conditions are right…both swinging and stripping.  I am looking forward to getting some time on the rod myself this winter.

It’s “our” (the Guides) time to fish now, however we are wide open for guide trips if you see a break in the weather.  Give the shop a call for a full or half day trip….231-745-3529. We will try to stay up on changes in conditions, but it’s officially winter here.  It’s our time to fish, get projects done, relax, tie flies and get ready for spring….then we will do it all over again!  Spring will be here before you know it, so make sure your dates are locked in for your guide trips and lodging.

Here are a couple photos from some recent floats:

Steve with a couple dandies!

Jeff declares himself “OFF Probation”!!!

Neil grinding out a great day!

Rick started us off on the right pace!
I think I like fishing….
Beautiful brown in the closing couple casts

I also wanted to quickly touch base regarding the DNR’s recent decision to change our steelhead bag limits.  The NRC decided to update steelhead bag limits on several streams (including the Pere Marquette) from three to one from March 15 – May 15.  Here is an article for more details –New Regulations.  Thank you all who made an effort to contact the DNR and NRC to voice your opinion (whatever it may have been).  Your voice needs to be heard and we still need to continue the fight!  The one fish limit should be year round to protect the future of this amazing fish and fishery.  Please do your part; please catch and release all wild steelhead.

Merry Christmas and please have a safe & Happy New Year!!!