Sorry guys, looks like I skipped about a week here. Been meaning to sit down and type something out, but I’m currently in the middle of a much needed short break (With the exception of an unscheduled day off a couple of times I’ve basically been going at it hard 6-7 days a week since arriving in AK on June 5th.) and I’ve been remaining unplugged as much as possible…

A few leftover Salmon pics…

A quick reminder for those interested. Our fall River Clean-Up is this Saturday, October 23. We will meet at the shop at 9am to take a group photo and spread out participants to cover as much river as possible. Please contact the shop if you are planning on helping out! There will be a dinner following the event at 6:30pm, so please try to join us, do some good, have some fun and make a difference.

12yr old Juliana with my last “official” King of the season. See you next year young lady and well done! 

The shop will continue with 7am to 7pm this Friday and Saturday, but beginning on Sunday we will be going back to 8am to 6pm daily. We are still short staffed like many these days and our supply chain remains interrupted on a variety of products, but the staff we do have is doing a fantastic job of covering the hours we are open and bringing fresh inventory in as it becomes available. Stop in and see us if you get a chance, plenty of those “needed” items left on the shelves, lots of fun stuff and some brand new product lines to boot!

John and Joe got ‘er done. Some we got pics of and some we didn’t! ;^)

A sincere thanks to all for a fantastic Salmon season! It was a blast, but “was” is the key word here and it’s time to bring out the soft nets and seek out the silver. (This rain we are experiencing as I type is gonna toss that into a new gear I believe!) I’ve been blocked off for a few days, have a trip on Friday, the cleanup on Saturday, a few more days blocked off for some more R&R then it’s off to the races once again starting on the 27th. I have some great dates still available scattered thru out the fall as does the rest of our guide staff (We welcome Donnie Richards back on October 30th.) so give us a call to check on dates and lets go have some fun. (231) 745-3529

Some Steelhead are thru out the system with some nice ones showing up in our boats and a few of the social media feeds I bother to look at since my return from AK. Eggs are still their main diet, but with everyone tossing them now I wouldn’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and show ’em something different. Spinners, hot-n-tots, wiggle warts and the like are favorites of mine for covering water, but hitting just one or two on a stripped or swung streamer can be even more rewarding depending on mindset.

Not much to add for now really, fish the runs and slots in and below spawning gravels per usual for sure, but some fish are already making a home in some of the usual “winter lies” as well. These don’t need to be picked apart as slowly and thoroughly as you would in colder winter water, but they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked at this point either.

Hope to see a bunch of you Saturday, till then or till next time, take care, be well, be safe and be happy!! -Steve-