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It’s time to turn the page and start thinking fall steelhead and brown trout.  It has been a great salmon season overall, but things are tapering off.  There are still plenty of spawners, but not many new fish showing up.  I am sure we will see several more small pushes of kings and coho’s, however it’s time to start chasin’ steel!!!

Thanks for an amazing season!!!!  All our guides were very busy, the shop is cleaned out, the Motel was full…THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!  It is appreciated after a tough 2020 year.  We feel very blessed to have such a loyal customer/client base…without you; we would not be doing what we love!  However, our work is not done!  We are trying to re-stock the shop as well as we can for the remaining portion of the year.  Plus, it’s the guides favorite time of year…Fall Steelheading!!!  We still have boats available, so give the shop a call to book a guide and/or lodging…231-745-3529.  I should warn you though…fall steelhead fishing is addictive!  If we are not guiding, we are out fishing!

Just another reminder…Our fall River Clean -Up is Saturday – October 23…please contact the shop if you are planning on helping out!  There will be a dinner following the event, so please try to join us and make a difference.  Every little bit counts!

We are wrapping up some remaining king trips, but looking for steelhead a little bit each day.  It seems like someone is hooking (and sometimes landing) a steelie everyday.  Exclusively, targeting them will require the proper presentation and covering water.  Lighter leaders and smaller egg patterns will get noticed behind some spawning kings or dark pools.  There seems to be a decent number in the throughout the system.  Look to the inside seam first…these fall fish like to hug the inside sand.  Lighter oranges, cream delight, estaz eggs and clowns will produce.  Not to say you won’t catch one on a bug, but stick to double egg rigs for now.  Plus, spinner and plugs work great too. Beads and floats are very effective…just NOT in the FLIES ONLY Section.  The streamer bite will develop in the next couple weeks once the egg faucet shuts off.

Another awesome week in the books for me!  Thank you!


I am very excited for the next couple months of steelhead fishing the Pere Marquette River.  It’s a thrill to hunt the river for these wild fish.  They can make you feel like the king of the world and then humble you 10 minutes later.  Blistering runs, huge jumps, hard strikes…water spraying from your fly line screaming up the river…you get the point!  I am recharging my battery and looking forward to whats to come!

Good luck and enjoy yourself out there.