Hey guys, just a quick report and a few photos from me today. Salmon fishing is still good. The holes up high emptied out for a minute, but a blast that was mid-river made it’s way up and we found ‘em in the deeper staging pools again yesterday in good numbers.

The trout are fat and happy!

The Steelhead end of things is picking up now as well and some have been hooked and caught daily at this point. Not in large numbers, but just between my group of friends and colleagues there’s been a decent number of contacts for this early in the season each day so it’s shaping up to be a good one! I’ve only had two encounters I’m my boat thus far, but both of those battles ended before the grip and grin… (8:40am edit!! Just now landed one! ?‍♂️?)

One from a few minutes ago!

Today is a tough one for me as it is the two year anniversary of the date we lost my father, but Kam and I are with the same solid anglers from a big group we had yesterday so hopefully the action is fast paced enough again to keep the mind from wandering. Hard to believe it’s been 2 years already, here’s the link to my post from that day, he is loved and missed by many…

Shop hours are currently 7am to 7pm Friday and Saturday, 8am to 6pm the rest. The ole’ covid supply chain issues are starting to catch up with us again on some of the terminal tackle, rids and such, but for the most part we’re pretty well stocked with what you’ll need.

A huge thanks as always for all of your support no matter how big or small in the shop, motel or our guide boats, we really do appreciate it! If you’d like to give back to the river just a little feel free to join us for BBT’s Annual Fall River Cleanup. Mark the date in your calendar for Saturday October 23rd, more details to follow…

I’m gonna get off here now and get back to work, but if you’d like to spend a quality day on the water with us give the shop a call to check on open dates. We’ve got some prime stuff open from about mid-October on and it should be a solid fall run of Steelies. Till next time, take care, be well, be safe and be happy!! -Steve-

Just got this one also… ??