New shop hours are 7am – 7pm Friday & Saturday and 8am – 6pm Monday – Thursday…sorry, but we are short handed!  We have an On-Line shop for off hours purchases or curbside pick-ups.  Give us a call or shop anytime on-line at BBT On-Line.

“When it comes to big fish, some people will do anything and go anywhere”… – Tom Stienstra.  Fall has officially hit the calendar and it is beginning to feel like it in the boats and on the river.  A few leaves are starting to turn and the kings started spawning hard this week.  The eggs bite is picking up on browns around the redds and pocket water.  The salmon run is in full effect on the Pere Marquette River!!!

I am a firm believer in the solitude of the season, so please “ask before you cast”, respect your fellow anglers and enjoy the river!  The river is in great shape at the moment, but we received a good shot of rain today.  The water temps are in the mid-50’s and the fish are loving it!!!  It’s great to see all the spawning activity and pondering the future offspring.  The Pere Marquette is a wild and naturally reproducing river, so if you don’t need to keep a fish…let them go!  They have to SPAWN before they DIE.

Thank you to all our guests in our boats and customers through the shop & Motel!  It has been a busy, busy season thus far.  We appreciate your support and friendship!!!  There are plenty of fish throughout the system for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves!  Big flies in the mornings and natural pattens in the afternoons.  Pitching crank baits and spinners on spinning gear will generate some great strikes.  Don’t be afraid to toss some big streamers and bucktails midday too…it awesome to get them on the strip!

The season is rolling by very quickly…thanks for all the support and business!  Here are some pics!


One of our guides found a fishing backpack yesterday….please call the shop to identify.  231-745-3529…also, drop us a line for lodging and guides!!!

Enjoy the season and good luck!

“I never lost a little fish.  It was always the biggest fish I caught that got away.”  – Eugene Fields