Got home from AK on Sunday and discovered there was a minor (Read here major. ;^) screw up with my bookings and it turns out I did not have the same guy for five days starting on Monday. (Kind of a relief actually not having to spend all night prepping for the season actually.)

Then, while laying on my couch on Monday I decided that I didn’t really want that much time off however, so two calls were made and the other four days rebooked!

Doing a little quality over quantity time today, tomorrow and Thursday with Dennis here and I gotta say there’s nothing quite like having a big ole’ brute try to literally rip the rod right out of your hands!! There’s just not much doubt about that bite… ??

Here’s the first two to hand today; we had quite a few more that won their battles to the wood and/or tossed lures. Lots of fish on the move and some happy ones to boot!

A nice consolation prize after having just lost a brute in the high 20s… ?
This one took us downriver a bit! ???

The shop is looking great and is, for the moment anyway, loaded up with inventory for the season and some great new BBT swag as well. Please stop in and see us if you get a chance or, shop on-line anytime!

From the sounds of it there are fish scattered throughout the system, but still a few blank areas as well. Cover some water and you should find some fish!

PS. We are still looking for a new hire or two for the shop if you or someone you know might be interested in joining the team. Check John’s last report for more details.

I’ll post another report most likely on Sunday at some point, but I wanted to toss a little something out there now after my 3 month Alaskan hiatus and being completed unplugged.

Be safe, be well, be kind and tight lines!



  1. Is the week of the 20th look promising to come up for a week of fishing? Or should we move it up? Don’t want to miss it

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