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The conditions on the Pere Marquette River have consistently been inconsistently.  With that being said the fishing has been good.  We have experienced a couple high water events and now things are stabilizing.  The major hatches of the season are in the rear view mirror, but the trout are still looking up!  Low light periods and after dark are more productive times, yet mid-day attacks are happening.  TIGHT to the banks and wood will temp a willing player.  Covering water and knocking on doors will pay off…I love fishing this way!  You can see the sip or explosive strike and that is awesome!!!

Hoppers, Stimulators, attractors and rubber legged twitch bugs have been the most productive in my boat.  If you are not about to loose your fly to the grass or log….you are not close enough.  In low light periods; focus on the bubble lines and seams.  Don’t be afraid of running 3X on those larger flies to keep the bigger fish out of the wood!  A little twitch goes a long way with a rubber legged fly…make it look nervous!

The after dark fishing has been up and down.  Much better in lower/normal water levels.  The river is almost back to normal with stable weather in the extended forecast, so get out there and enjoy the rest of the trout season!  The season is NOT over!  Give the shop a call to enjoy a guided trip…231-745-3529.  Hoppers and foam dries durning the day and waking flies after dark…I am looking forward to the next month of trout fishing before we start chasing kings.

We have been busy at the shop reloading inventory and placing orders for the upcoming fall season.  We have VERY limited guide availability for kings, but have some openings early in September (Crankbaits in the lower river).  The Motel has some availability throughout the fall, so give us call to lock in some dates…and it’s NOT too early to start thinking about fall steelhead trips!  Mid-October we begin the hunt for chrome!!!

I just want to continue to thank everyone that floated with us so far this summer!  Your support has kept us very busy and we love being out there…experiencing our beloved resource, teaching new anglers and catching up with old friends.  Plus, a huge “thank you” to all the customers that choose to shop in our store (or on-line) and stay in our Motel.  You are truly appreciated and valued!!!  Without you we could not have made it 25 years!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

Sorry for the delay in reports.  I took some time off after a very busy June to hang out with my family and some friends.  So far July has been very relaxing both on and off the river.  I am looking forward to some quality dry fly fishing over the next month (if conditions hold up?).  Enjoy the resource and please respect other anglers!

Take it Easy,



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