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The Pere Marquette River is fishing well right now day and night.  The river temps have cooled down, but the water is still very clear.  We had to take a small break in fishing due to the high water temps, but it feels great to be back in guiding business again!  The hex hatch is our primary focus right now, but morning and daytime attractor patterns have been getting strikes.

Steve with a nice mid-day rainbow on a dry fly!
Day or night…things are happening on the Pere Marquette River

The river has been busy in the hex waters, so please be respectful of each angler and their space.  The thrill of the chase is fun part…generating stories, creating memories and looking back at years past.  The upper/middle river is fishing well with rubber legged attractors during the day, stones in the evening and waking flies after dark with much less fishing pressure.  There are damsels all along the river banks with some aggressive browns snacking on them occasional (right place at the right time).

Craig with a couple solid trout on his hand made Bamboo 6wt…well earned!!!

The elusive grey drake has finally made an appearance down stream.  They have been non-existent for a large portion of this season….better later then never!!!  There has been a bunch of different bugs hatching up and down the river.  Grey Drakes and Hexes down stream with some stones, yellow sallies & Iso’s and the upper river I have been seeing some Tricos, BWO’s, stones, sallies…hopefully some grey drakes moving that way too!  Foam and twitch bugs have been a fun way to hunt for aggressive fish too.  Fishing tight to the banks and wood has paid off when nothing is happening.

The shop is stocked up with all your necessities and plenty of items you might just want.  If you are thinking about booking a guided trip for June or July, please give us a call.  Dates are filling fast for Hexes, hoppers and mousing…231-745-3529.  My current open dates are:  June 21, 28 – 30 and July 1.  These dates are subject to change and we have other guides available as well; plus lodging at the Motel!

Clay and I with his personal best
Ron and I with a nice brown that ate a hex

Late nights and early afternoons is my game-plan over the next couple weeks.  It’s an awesome time to be a dry fly fisher in Michigan…get out there and enjoy the moving waters of our great state.  Sitting on the bank of a trout stream is a great place to spend some time…keep things in perspective; we are fishing for trout with feathers & fur…it’s the art of the challenge, appreciating victories and learning from failures.

Gotta run, good luck and hope to see you out there!  Here are a few quotes for all you trout bums out there to chew on and laugh about…

“All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable which makes you see something you weren’t noticing which makes you see something that isn’t even visible”  – Norman Maclean

“The degenerate lifestyle of fly fishing guides well documented…All they talk about, all they care about, is moving water and wild trout”  – Randy Wayne White


John Karakashian