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Sorry for the long delay in reports…I was waiting for some better weather and better bugs.  Well, that kind of sums it up.  Erratic weather patterns and unstable hatches have us doing a little bit of everything.  We did get some good rain this week that colored up the river and the streamer action picked-up, but the hatches have been very weak.

Paul had a great day of streamer fishing!!!

Streamers have been on the menu this week.  Olive, black, tan, white and yellow have all had their moments.  Medium size flies have been more consistent then bigger patterns for me.  But everyday is different, so don’t be afraid to go big, or conversely small…give it a shot!

There have been some decent flights of mayflies (sulphurs, BWO’s & gray drakes), but only short windows of actively feeding fish.  Searching patterns and bigger stonefly patterns have been getting looks too.  The after dark fishing continues to be productive with waking flies.  June is almost here…. the gray drakes and hexes coming soon!!!!

I love fishing in June in Northern Michigan!!!  The only problem is it’s not 60 days long.  Late nights on the river watching lighting bugs, star gazing and listening for “what goes slurp in the night”!  Sitting in the boat waiting for the bugs to drop, swapping stories of years past and generating new memories…I am ready!  Please Mother Nature let us have a “normal” June…please!!!

The shop is stocked up with all your necessities and plenty of items you might just want.  If you are thinking about booking a guided trip for late May or June, please give us a call.  Dates are filling fast for Grey Drakes and Hexes…231-745-3529.  My current open dates are: May 29 – 31  June 3, 5, 6, 12, 20, 21, 28 – 30 and July 1, 2.  These dates are subject to change and we have other guides available as well; plus lodging at the Motel!

There are plenty of ants, spiders and other creatures along the banks right now too.  Tossing rubber legged twitch bug and wet flies are gaining momentum.  Nymphing with small copper john’s and pleasant tails is always an option when nothing is working.  Plus, Euro nymphing is getting popular on the PM.  We are starting to carry “Euro” gear/flies in the shop….give it a try!  Personally, I love dries and streamers, but to each their own.  We truly have a wonderful resource here…please respect and help protect it!

Good luck, be safe and respect your fellow anglers.  Please be mindful of other anglers space and treat them as you would like to be treated…edict goes a long way!  There is SO MUCH more to being out there then catching the biggest fish.  Sitting on the bank of a Michigan trout stream is a wonderful place to spend time and escape.  Watch the water before marching into the river…you might be surprised what you see and learn!