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Trout season has slowly been developing and it feels good!  The weather has been very erratic, and we finally received some much needed rain earlier this week and yesterday.  It colored up the river perfectly, but it is clearing fast.  Once we get past this cold front the dry fly fishing should improve.  I have been seeing Hennies, BWO’s and Sulphurs on warmer afternoons and have even caught some rising trout!  Better dry fly fishing is in the near future…are you prepared?  If not we have what you need…the fly bins are loaded at the shop.

Streamer fishing has been the most productive with a few epic days when the conditions were perfect.  Working the banks and wood have generated the most attacks, but don’t overlook the pocket water!  Black, Olive, Tan and yellow have been in my rotation, but don’t be afraid of changing colors frequently if you are not getting any looks.  We had some AWESOME explosive strikes this week!  Covering water and knocking on doors pays off…give us a call to book a guide trip.  We have guides available for full and half days; plus lodging for the late night anglers…231-745-3529.

Ray had a productive day tossing streamers!!!

Things have been very busy around the shop.  We launched our On-line Store and are still adding inventory, so if you don’t see what you need you can always give us a call.  Just like everyone, we are trying to overcome some supply chain/inventory issues.  There are a few key items we are lacking, but the shop is full.  Lots of great fly patterns, lines, leaders, floatants, bug repellent…ect.

Last week, we also hosted our Spring River Clean-Up.  THANK YOU!!!  The participation was great and we picked up a TON of trash…we made a difference and it feels good!  It’s nice to know there are people out there that “walk the walk” and care.  We certainly did not get everything, so if you could not make it do your part the next time you’re out fishing.  Every little bit counts.  Good river karma is always welcomed and you WILL be rewarded!  Thanks again everyone!!!!

We made a difference!!!

If you are thinking about booking a guided trip for late May or June, please give us a call.  Dates are filling fast for Grey Drakes and Hexes…231-745-3529.  After dark waking flies is an option from here on out when the condition are right.  Most guide trips will begin in the early afternoon and fish until dark or after dark.  I am slowly transitioning my schedule and it feels good to be up late on our beloved trout stream!  We have some awesome fishing heading our way…the next two months are a great time to be a trout fisherman in Michigan!

Good luck, be safe and respect your fellow anglers.  Sitting on the bank of a Michigan trout stream is a wonderful place to spend time and escape.  Watch the water before marching into the river…you might be surprised what you see and learn!