Hey guys,

First and foremost a quick reminder that our annual spring river cleanup is slated for tomorrow morning! We will meet at the shop at 9am to hand out garbage bags, sort out how many we are, take a group photo then try to disperse ourselves to do as much good as possible over as much of the river as we can cover.

It was a cold day but a fun one with Paul and his son Afton on the 21st. We tossed a little hardware around and got into a few…

As always, if you bring a boat your car spot is on us as is the appreciation dinner (BYOB) afterwards for everyone. (Walk ins to various access points are very helpful also! ;^) Last minute additions are always welcome, but if you do know you’re coming it is helpful for us to plan if you could call the shop and let them know the number in your party! Looking forward to doing great work with some fantastic people and hope to see many of you in the am…

Another fun father and son outing on the 22nd!

Secondly, if you haven’t already noticed in our social media post or just by clicking to check the progress, our on-line store is growing rapidly and standard shipping, at least for now, in the lower 48 is free. We are currently at 477 items and growing, but it’s a process so bear with us and thank you so much for your support past, present and future! We hope that this will make it easier for you to shop with us from home rather than a big box store or others when a need or a want arises!

“Trout Camp” for the opener weekend was a blast as always!

As to the river… The weather has been a little bi-polar to say the least, but the trout fishing has been pretty good overall for those with a talent in streamers, nymphs or hardware. John and some friends got into a few smaller fish on dry flies Sunday and we hit a couple that way last night as well, but nothing hot and heavy on top just yet other than some after dark activity in the warmer evenings.

We got a late start on Saturday after a fun and festive evening, but the trout didn’t seem to mind! Here’s a few of the better ones to hand for our two boat crew…

BWO’s, some Hendrickson’s, smaller stones and even a few of the giant stones have been showing, but not in great numbers. Warmer weather and/or time will bring more to the table very soon however! Soft hackles and the standard array of nymphs will almost always get it done if you’re into that…

Dave with a dandy drop back…

Streamers are pretty much the same story as in my previous report, steady to spectacular depending on the day and/or angler. Size is anything from a fry to a very large leech/sculpin and everything in-between with smaller sizes tending to turn more fish and bigger sizes getting the attention of some larger specimens. Black, olive or a combination of the two have still been best from what I’ve heard and seen lately, but you really should mix it up and switch it up with the full spectrum as you may well find a better ticket for that particular day.

A few from yesterday. We fished streamers, dries and hardware. Fun to see a few to hand from the surface for sure!

We got a little more rain since last report and while the water is still kinda low up top it does have a nice slight stain and is really looking good in the mid to lower reaches. I anticipate a few showers in the forecast and a return to warm(er) weather should spice things up a bit!

Steelhead, per usual, are still being found in very limited numbers here and there, but for all intents and purposes they are pretty much done. If you luck into some great and that is always a possibility right into May, but I wouldn’t run up here with that as a primary target in hopes of certain success… It was a great early season this year and then we had enough action to keep it fun and exciting until the end so we are thankful for that!

Not much else to talk about right now, I’ve got a very limited number of guide dates I’ve left available between now and my 3 month departure to Alaska on June 5th, but we do have a guide or guides available most days for the summer yet or, we can get a good one for you! Most of our staff and all of our guides live and breathe trout all summer long!! 231 745-3529 (Don’t forget the motel to stay at before or after your trip!)

Till next time, tight lines, be well, be safe and be happy! – Steve