Hey guys,

I said I’d post a more detailed report today, but I lied… Just discovered that I have Monday and Tuesday off so that’ll give me more time to sit and write. The brief report from the river yesterday (Copied below.) sums it up pretty well for now.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar! We are hosting our annual river cleanup on Saturday May 1st if you’d like to “walk the walk” with us and it is handy to know how many we can expect to join us for our appreciation dinner afterwards so, even if you think I already know you’re coming please give the shop a call and let them know that you are locked in and how many of you there are!

Looking forward to another stellar conservation effort by the usual participants and hopefully a few more. We appreciate it as always and the river does even more… 231 745-3529 More in a couple of days. Till then, be well, be safe, stay positive and have fun! – Steve

PS. Can’t leave you without at least one new fish pic! Here’s another trophy from yesterday!

The elusive Michigan Bone!! ;^)

April 16, 2021

Paul with the best fish of the day this far!

Well, it appears as though I’ve totally spaced out on the website reporting outside of a few social media post here and there. I’m on the river with clients right now so I’ll just make it short…

We are still finding some Steelhead to play with each day, but that pursuit is getting tougher while the trout fishing is picking up.

I’ll post something with more detail tomorrow sometime, but figured a quick one before the weekend was in order since the Steelhead are winding down now.

We’ve had a few nice ones on the line today and landed one old battle scared buck we did not photograph. The trout pictured here is one that Paul, who is celebrating 29 consecutive years fishing with me this spring, picked up on a fry pattern just a little while ago. ??

More pics and details tomorrow, good luck if you come up, but don’t expect fish everywhere. You gotta hunt for ‘em now. – Steve