Hi guys, just another quick one from me this morning, but I wanted to give “fair warning” to those of you making the trek up this weekend and, wish you all a Happy Easter. Between fishing pressure, water that is now in the extreme low and clear condition, bright skies and cold weather the pursuit has become much more challenging the past few days.

Thanks for a great lunch and a great day Dustin and Dave!

Our guides are still finding fish to play with daily and having a great time since that’s what you’re supposed to do while fishing, but we are working a lot harder for it. Just a few mornings ago I was one of the first in and rowed down to the infamous riffles for a day with a father and daughter team that wanted to just fish from the boat.

Always a great time with Charlie and Cody!

On my way down at dawn there appeared to be a lot of fish out on redds in a whole lot of places, but those fish apparently took to the wood and undercuts as soon as the sun came up and another boat or two past them. Most of those that went by after that probably swore that the whole stretch was a fishless desert.

Point being, there’s more around then you might think, but they are making themselves scarce in the daylight and the population is currently not close to that of even a week ago. I’m “assuming” that we have more fish to come yet as always and will find them right thru most of April, but that may just be a steady trickle rather than another big push if we don’t see some sort of real precipitation. We need some water…

Between many more people taking to the outdoors since the pandemic, folks working remotely, spring breaks, new boat owners and a river with just about the best run so far traffic has been heavy this spring, but I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen too many “mean mugs” out there, just smiling faces for the most part and decent etiquette from “most”. Don’t let “that one guy” or “that one boat” ruin your good time if you come across it. I for one don’t mind sharing the great outdoors with other happy people so lets hope it stays that way.

I need to get off here now and pack a lunch for my trip today so I’ll leave it at that for now. Here’s to hoping we get some rain and till next time stay safe, stay well, stay positive and please stop in the shop if you get a chance! We haven’t had the best of luck in every single category as far as getting our inventory goes, but we’re pretty well stocked with ton’s of useful and cool stuff we hope you’ll purchase to help us out… – Steve