Shop Hours – 8am to 6pm everyday!!!

Spring has sprung!!!  We have lost most of our snow pack in the woods and the river is rising with a great stain!  The water temp today was at the magical 42.5…so here we go!  The fishing pressure has been higher then normal with this early thaw.  Please respect each others space and give a boat or wading angler “room” to work a run, hole or flat…”ask before you cast” is the best policy.  We are all out there to have fun and catch fish, but the biggest smile always wins!!!!


The river is on the rise and in perfect shape!  Coffee color and great flow for the time being…these are ideal conditions in our (the guide’s) eyes.  However, not ideal for wading anglers; so please tread lightly and wade safely.  Don’t misunderstand me, the fishing is good… not great!  Our spring fish are trickling in with this bump in water.  Many winter fish have spawned and are gone, so we are in limbo.  Yet, the last couple days in the upper river have been fishing good and better reports from the lower river with new fish moving through in packs and schools.


The trout bite has been really good once the water colored up.  Fry are popping, steelhead are spawning and the buffet line is OPEN!!!  Make sure you match your offerings with the conditions…low water = small natural bugs and pale eggs…higher water = bigger bugs and brighter eggs.  Fry, sparrow’s, green caddis, stones and eggs have been the key to getting biters.  Now that fish are spawning; please try your luck with some casts behind the spawners for some biters…then move on if they are not biting; dodging and/or weaving.  Focus on the dark water around and behind the spawners.  You will be surprised what hits on the swing or the end of the drift!


The shop is slowly loading up with inventory, but we are way better off then some shops.  Our fly tying is stuffed; simms, fishpond, echo, terminal tackle is all loaded up, but we have some holes.  Hopefully, those holes will be filled shortly?  We are doing our best, so please bare with us.  Our new system has been up and running for a week and gaining momentum!  In the not so distant future, on-line sale will be available!  We are planning on slowly easing into it, so stay tuned.  Thanks for the support over the years and now we hope to make it easier for you to support our shop

Good luck and Enjoy!