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We have hit the ground running!  We are not sure if spring has sprung or winter will rip the rug out from underneath us?  Regardless, we have been enjoying the break in weather and tugs on our lines.  Fishing has been good, not great.  The river is low and clear with cold water.  A classic “bad combination” coupled with blue skies that makes the equation tougher!   We are finding players daily, but working for them.  The weather is turning up the heat next week, so things are really going to break loose!  New fish are pushing and that will be triggering ripe spawners…things are developing!

Nate getting it done
Love the brown trout bite lately!

I have some great days open for trips this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (March 7, 8 & 9)…please contact the shop to lock in a date (231-745-3529).  After that, I am booked until Mid-April, but we have other guide openings throughout the season.  Please give the shop and call for a guide trip and/or Motel reservations.  We cater to all skill levels and techniques!!

Wayne with his first PM Steelie…and hopefully not the last!
Steve with a hot steelhead…kids will be kids!

We have been very busy preparing the shop for the season.  It is coming together nicely, but we are still experiencing some supply chain/inventory issues.  Please bare with us…we are doing our best with the hand we were dealt. There is more product on its way and more after that…please keep checking in to see if product and shipments have been delivered.  First come, first serve….that is the strategy with our suppliers!  We are already ordering product for this fall!  Enough about that….let’s talk fishing!

The egg bite has remained strong!  Iliamna Pink, Early Girl, Fl. Peach, Niagara Gold, Chartreuse and Steelhead Orange has been productive…Blend your egg yarn with multiple colors to fish more natural tones.  Blended clowns fish very, very well!  Big and small…try different color combinations.  Sparse yarn fishes are even better on bright days.  Nymphs have been generating attention too…green caddis, hexes, fry, stones and pheasant tails.  Today, I spotted the first mini school of salmon fry of the year for me.  Dead drift, swing, strip and hang on!!!

Spring streamers season is not too far off and summer dry fly fishing.  I am not wishing away time, but please keep that on your radar to book a guided trout trip and/or lodging!  Spring steelies are on their way, the weather looks awesome and vaccines are available…enjoy the river and please respect your fellow anglers.  Ask before you cast!





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