Hey guys, Just a quick one I’m posting from right here on the river this morning and I’ll try to post something with more details mid-week. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful out here at the moment with all the fresh snow covering any recent signs of activity…

First tracks in at Green this morning…


As I type this the shelf ice has pretty well receded and is practically gone along the length of the fly water and from Rainbow to Upper, but I’m not so sure I’d want to be the first guy trying to float on past Gleason’s down to Bowman’s, from Bowman’s to Rainbow or be the pioneer from Upper to Walhalla on down.

Dennis put a nice drop-back hen in the bag early to get some of the the catching out of the way…

I’m not saying that the shelf ice is necessarily going to be the problem for that first explorer thru those regions post ice age or if freshly down trees will be. Either way, If you do decide to give it a whirl, be sure to carry an ice spud, some rope, a come along and at least a hand saw or two if not a chain saw. In other words, be more prepared to cut and/or portage than usual (Since you always should be) until we have the official all clear in those areas. Hey, someone may have actually already done it unbeknownst to me, but neither of the car spoters I’ve spoken with have moved vehicles just yet to reflect that…

A nice little brown that wanted eggs for breakfast…

Anyway, just figured a post here was long overdue, but the weather just now really broke for us. There were a few brave soles out there in the really cold stuff and they actually did fairly well. I’m considering today the “official start” of my spring season, but I do still have some great early dates I can’t believe haven’t filled yet for anyone interested.

Took advantage of the “warm up” yesterday and got my rig nice and detailed so it can get thrashed for the next two months! ????
Yea, this will last about a day… ??

I currently still have this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday still open. (24, 25 & 26) After that it’s Monday thru Friday of next week open (1st to 5th) then the 7th to 10th, the 23rd and 24th just opened yesterday (Prime as it gets) the 28th & 31st are also still open in March then in April I have the 4th, 6th, 14th & 15th… Where I’m not open others likely are, just give the shop a call to check availability and let’s go fishing!! (231) 745-3529

Been spending a lot of time in the shop readying the new POS system and putting up spring inventory, but I’m ready for the water daily anytime now! ?

On the subject of food, a few of my regulars will be happy to know that the venison brats are back on the menu and while you’re in town don’t forget to stop by Barskis’s, but a call ahead for a reservation is recommended with the current seating restrictions… (231) 745-6015

Had some great grub at Barski last night with Denis and Jake! ??

Great batch this year! Brats are ready…

Gonna have to cut this short now cuz Dennis is finding some snags that shouldn’t be there and this needs investigating… ?

Ok, one more fish real quick. Got him past those new snags… ??
My answer was “No, it’s never too early for a good cigar!”
Loving the view at the office today.

Like I said, I’ll try and post another one before the weekend with a bit more detail. Hope to see many of you soon if not in the boat or on the river maybe at the shop, motel or compound in between! Till then, be safe, be well and stay positive… -Steve


  1. I love your reports especially during the Winter. Good to know you can still get out when the weather is reasonable and have a chance at wild trout.

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