Hey guys, I’ve been VERY busy here lately working on new content for you!! I will be posting a new “actual fishing report” before this night is over, but in the mean time PLEASE check out the brand new page on our website linked below…

Not the “finished product”, but a tease of things to come out front here!

This new website page just came about because I recently read some stuff on the Pere Marquette river that wasn’t “entirely accurate” elsewhere. (But close enough truth be told… ) The point is, this “stuff” reminded me of an article/excerpt/couple of chapters I was asked to write back in 2015 that was supposed to be published in a book of “The fifty best fly fishing rivers in the Midwest” or something like that and never was!

A fish from a quick float yesterday, more in report later! (I hardly ever use photoshop for anything which is evident by the terrible  job I tried here on an ugly jaw scar, shoulda just left it instead of this lie! Lesson learned… ;^) 

So… I dug around in some old dusty hard drives, came up with it, tweaked it just a little to be more BBT specific in places and let ‘er rip on a brand new page!!! Look for some changes in a few photos and what not as I have the time, but for now PLEASE SHARE THE HECK OUT OF IT IN ANYWAY YOU CAN! ? ?? (I put my heart and sole as well as a lot of time and effort into this back then and I’d really like to see it read! ;^) Anyway, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and enjoy!!

Click here to learn much, much more about the river we call our home!

Thanks for reading it, thanks for sharing it and more later on some recent fishing excursions/conditions – Steve