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We are offering our “Holiday Special” as a thank you to everyone…20% off Gift Certificates from now until December 24, 2020.  Redeemable for shop merchandise and Lodging (not applicable for guide trips and sale items in the shop).  This has become a tradition and a great way for us to say thank you!  Phone orders can be taken and we can mail the gift certificate to your home…give us a call 231-745-3529.

Joe…AKA “One Wing Willy” had some epic fishing while in a sling!!!

Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been pretty good!  We have taken advantage of the mild weather and the fish are still very hot!  The water is low and clear throughout the system and holding in the upper 30’s to low 40’s still.  There are fishable numbers throughout the whole river!  It is a great time to get outside and spend some time on the river!!!

I was able to get out fishing and caught a couple and got humbled by a couple!!!

We have been extremely busy and very appreciative of all the bookings and lodging reservations.  The shop has been slowing down and so are our guide trips…Give us a call to book a guide trip and/or lodging…231-745-3529.  We are ready and there are fish in the river!  We have boats available daily for full or half days.  Want to try a new technique or you are a beginner…no problem!!!  We have the capabilities to accommodate your needs…both fly and spin fishing are available options.  Chuck-n-duck, indicators, swinging, stripping or  tossing plugs and spinners…it is all a blast!!!!

It has been a very fun couple weeks on the river!  As we glide into December, we still have plenty of good fishing remaining this year.  Keep an eye on the weather and give us a call if you see a warm up and take advantage of this mild weather.  With that being said, I had a last minute cancelation for this Thursday (Dec. 10) and the weather looks very good!  Just a heads up…if it works, please contact the shop.

Todd with a bright fish on a bright day.
Kieth with a perfect wild PM steelhead…hard fought battle!

The bite has still been predominantly on eggs, but some nymphs are start to get their attention too.  Rag eggs in creams, starburst and fruity tones have been my top producer, but estaz nukes and glow bugs have fooled plenty.  We have been getting some players on hexes, fry and stones over the last few weeks, so don’t overlook the nymphs.

A quality brown while bobber fishing for steelies.
Charlie with a well earned buck!

The same story on the streamer front….The streamer action is also picking up on both browns and steelhead.  I have done some stripping and Donnie had some good days swinging.  Bright flashy patterns will snap them out of their trance sometimes, and smaller & more natural patterns in the clear water.  Change patterns and strip speeds to see what they want…the colder the water = the slower the strip.  Same with swinging…slow and low!  The swing bite will get more looks as the winter conditions develop and the water cools off.  We are still holding in the low 40’s to upper 30’s, which is perfect!

Ron and I starting off the morning right!
Ben fooled this one on a stonefly pattern
Ron with a very beautiful male!

As the year is ticking by, we are starting to think about spring 2021…for make reasons.  It is not that far off!!!  Please make sure your guide trips are locked in and/or lodging…we are filling up for spring 2021 steelhead fishing!!!

Every fish on the PM is earned and holds a fond memory in the anglers mind…forget about the world for a few hours and go fishing!!!!

Please practice catch and release on our wild PM Steelhead…good luck out there and see you around!  Be safe and stay healthy!!!