– Public service announcement –
I hadn’t planned on posting again for a little while having just had a few planned days of R&R, but I just got word from the shop that the word on the river is several trees down between McDougall and Sulak from the recent high winds. Apparently some small boats were able to portage over or around, but it is basically impassable for most as is for now.
Paul with a recent by-catch while chasing Steelies…
My “guess” is that the same “could” be true in other sections we haven’t heard about yet so my suggestion would be to check with your car spotter ahead of time if you can and they know, but be prepared regardless for a little while. (I.e. rope or cable, come along, saw, etc…) Always advisable really, especially in winter…
I’ve been having some really good times with some really great people lately! I was off Saturday, Sunday and had today blocked off as well for some rest, a few chores and what not, but it’s time to go back to work!
Dave with one that wanted it’s pic took on Friday…

Fishing is heating up for us here now and should just continue to get better. My own next available dates are “currently” 11/19, 23, 24 & 25, but we have a guide or guides that we can put you on the river with most days in November yet. Contact BBT and let’s go fishing!!! 231-745-3529

Hope you can join us in the fun!


  1. First Steelhead in 1947. Fished PM many years beginning in 1960s. Usually stopped at BB&T for anything needed. Helped DNR establish Coho and Kings – 20 lb mounted Coho from 1967 – vote Biden to protect fishery resources.

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