First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our annual Fall River cleanup on Saturday!!! We wound up with another 6 or 8 folks after this photo below was taken and a total of 10 boats that made their way down the river cleaning up after others and making a big difference…

All of us at BBT as well as the river thank you very much!!
Filled two of our 30 gallon garbage bags mostly from overhanging tree treasures alone!
John the grill master going to work for a great pole barn gathering afterwards!

I’ve been playing around with these crazy fish lately… Our wild and naturally reproduced Steelhead usually win more than we do in the very woody and tight confines of the Pere Marquette River, but the challenge of that, and how you choose to pursue them, is what it’s really all about!

Patrice with one that didn’t get the better of us… Great work!
Tom with a well earned reward!

Much more soon when I have time for a real “report”! Till then, enjoy what we have and take nothing for granted… ??? (We still have prime dates available if you’re up for it! Give us a call 231-745-3529)

Tight lines all,



  1. How can you not wear masks in your close social gatherings? You do such a great job otherwise.

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