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After completing a very strong finish to our salmon run; we are switching focus now to steelhead and trout.  It was an impressive late run of kings this year with plenty still around, but mostly past their “expiration date”.  The eggs are very abundant and flowing along the bottom of the river from top to bottom.  This will help our chrome friends find their way up stream.  After being “shutdown” last spring, we are excited to pursue the chase again!!!!  Things are setting up well with water and weather…

A recently caught steelhead

My current available guide dates are:  October 22, 27, 29 – 31  November 1 – 3, 5, 8, 11 – 13, 15, 17 – 19, 23, 24, 28 – 30…subject to change…first come, first served…please contact the shop 231-745-3529.  There are many available days between Steve, John Robinson, Donnie and Kam…plus, Lodging when needed; please give us a call to enjoy a day on the Pere Marquette River!!!

We are hosting our Fall 2020 River Clean-Up this Saturday (October 24).  The plan is to meet up at the shop at 9am (get organized, arrange car spots, distribute trash bags and snap a group photo), hit the river afterwards and return for a gathering/dinner at 6pm.  Any and all are welcome!!!  Please contact the shop to inform us you are planing on attending…it helps planning for floats/boats and dinner plans…231-745-3529.  Hope to see you Saturday morning!

We truly appreciate everyones support and business over the last couple months!!!  The shop is “EMPTY” from purchases, and inventory supply issues…regaurdless, THANK YOU!!! We are working hard to re-load as soon as possible.  We are doing our best and hope things are back to normal by spring…let’s hope so!  Our guides were extremely busy and were thankful for your support as well.  We hope to have a strong fall/winter steelhead season to help off-set the two months we were shutdown.

It was awesome spending so much time on the river over the last few months!  I have a couple pictures from everyday since my last report below, but do not have time for a blow-by-blow description. A lot of fun was had, smiles and sore arms right up to the end!  Thank you to everyone that booked a trip with me this fall…I love my job and count my blessings everyday I get to share this amazing resource!  Here is a brief replay of the last couple weeks…

Gary and I with a huge male
Ernie and I with one of many landed that day!
Brendan with a couple great October kings!

Gil getting the job done
Mark and the boys…epic day!

John Robinson with Jim…they have been fishing together many, many years!
A quick pic before releasing this fine buck!
Heather and Alex where a busy team fighting fish together
Alex and I with a buck…great family float on my day off!
Howard with a mean male!
Adam enjoying his first float trip on the PM
Not everyday is this productive Adam…FYI. My net was busy!!!!
Howard up to his old tricks
Great day hanging out with Alex!

Doug with a couple pics from our last float…see you in early December!

Now it’s time to hunt the river!!!  We deploy all techniques through fall and winter…C&D, Floating lines with bobbers, swing rods, stripping streamers and even tossing hardware.  Any skill level is welcome!!!  We love it all and think mixing up presentations is critical some days…From M-37 to the mouth of the river we will take you where the fish are everyday.  And when we are not guiding, we are fishing at this time of year!  If that is a testament to the thrill of the hunt!  I am very excited and will report more details as conditions develop…good luck out there!!!


John Karakashian




  1. Could I ask a simple question: what would length n weight of the 2 dozen or so kings you have pictured in this email this email?? Doug

  2. Great kings! What is the weight/length of the largest this year? Appeared to be the biggest ever. What have they been feeding on in Lake Michigan?

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