Shop hours are still 7am to 7pm everyday!!!

The kings have still been rolling in the lower and middle river…better late then never!!!  It has been awesome battling “Early September” caliber fish in early October!  There are fresh fish still in the pools and staging.  There is an impressive amount of spawning going on throughout the river system; from top to bottom.  But the best action for me has been in the dark water!

Ken with a couple kings!!!

Steve with a hot buck first thing in the morning!!!

We still have some great dates available for guide trips!  Kam is open 10/11, 13, 14, 15…I have 10/14 and open after 10/20…give us a call to lock down your trip.  The colors are changing quickly, salmon are running and the river is beautiful!!!  Better late then never…the kings have made an impressive appearance and it’s awesome!!!  The last two weeks have been a spectacle of spawning kings, moving fish (Daily) and some holes stuffed with backs!!!  It has been a very fun couple weeks to say the least…If you missed out on action in the early season, it is not too late!

A couple epic days with Dave and Tom!!! Thank you!!!!

The shop has been struggling with inventory issues…please accept our apologies, as we are doing our best to keep the shop stocked up.  However, the supply chain, manufacturing and imported items have all been disrupted.  Things will correct themselves and this too shall pass!  We are very, very thankful for all your support and loyalty throughout this fall.  We appreciate all our guide trips, motel reservations and every customer thru the doors at the shop.  We had a brutal spring and having our doors open right now is a blessing!!!


The River Clean-Up is Saturday; October 24, 2020…more details to come next week…save the date!

The river is in great shape…the upper river is low and clear, the middle and lower river are still holding a light stain and perfect flows.  Bigger attractor flies and egg patterns have been the most productive for me.  We have been seeing and hooking a few steelhead which has kept our mouths watering!  There are TONS and TONS of real eggs tumbling down the river right now, so the natural food source is tough to beat at the moment.  Great for the fish and the fishery!!!

Rick enjoying a great day!
Keith with a dandy
Hands full!!!

The more time I spend out on the Pere Marquette River…the more I love it, cherish it and appreciate it!  We have an amazing resource, so lets share it together, respect one another and practice catch and release on our wild fish.  Let’s protect this for future generations!!!


John Karakashian