Hey guys, just a quick one from me this morning as I am short on time, but I’ve uploaded a bunch (Not all by any means! ;^) of photos to give you an idea of what’s still going on…

Had our annual two day “Tweksbury” group trip, a great group of guys and a grand time as always!

Thanks so much as always guys and we look forward to the next one!!

Fresh fish continue to move into the system and while I continue to fish for only non-visible Salmon in my boat, there are active redds with fish in all stages of life and death throughout the system. Whatever the method you prefer it is not a problem finding them at all for now!

I spent several very fun days with Craig and Luke! Have fun fishing with John and John over the summer while I’m in AK Craig and I’ll look forward to our next adventure! 

Glad you were “able” to get some fish on that rig in memory of your friend Craig!

Had a blast with Bob and his son Mathew for his 18th birthday present yesterday! Hopefully today is just as active if not even more so while you’re out with John R and I’m looking forward to possibly next year!

Quality father and son time is priceless! I was  honored and happy to be a part of it…

Shop hours continue to be 7am to 7pm daily and we are doing our best to keep the needed stock in the store, but please forgive us any shortages as getting product is difficult to say the least from some suppliers at this point.

I believe we do still have a few king dates and motel rooms open yet if interested and the late October/November calendar is filling in nicely for Steelhead at this point so give the shop a shout to check open dates on those soon if that sounds good to you! Hope to see a few of you in my boat real soon and don’t forget to mark your calendar for October 24th if you’d like to participate in the annual fall river cleanup!

Stay safe, happy and positive my friends,