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The seasons are changing and so are the fall colors!!!!  We have experienced a week of a solid migration of king salmon.  The run started late and looked weak, but the reinforcements showed up!!!!  There are plenty of fish in the river system now;  from top to bottom.  Lots of fish are spawning, but there are still freshies in the pools and runs.  Fish the dark water; you might be pleasantly surprised!!!!

We are planning on the Fall River Clean-Up on Saturday- October 24, 2020….more detail to follow!


The shop is shy of some inventory; due to Covid restraints, trade restrictions and manufacturing shut-downs…sorry!!!!  We appreciate your business and hope we can accommodate your needs, but we are diligently placing orders for what we can get restocked!  Thank you for understanding!!!


It was an AWESOME sight to watch the wild king salmon migrating up the Pere Marquette River!  One afternoon, we watched over 1,000 kings swim past the boat in 2 hours…it was amazing!!!!  Our river is truly a wild and scenic river!!!

The river received a shot of rain, but nothing that moved the needle.  The water level is low and clear in the upper river and holding a touch of water & color the mid and lower-sections.  Kings are spawning and trout are bitting!!!

We have the next couple weeks focusing on kings, but steelhead and trout are also available!  By Mid-October, we are switching our focus to 100% steelhead!!!  It has been great to see new fish running up stream and having good days fishing!


John Karakashian


  1. Glad to see you are catching some nice fish. I sure had a great time fishing with you., Now that I am 90 years old I don’t get around too we’ll but I have some great pictures and memories to think about. Good luck when the Steelhead move in. Dick Jensen

    • Dick,

      It is great to hear from you!!!!! I miss fishing with you and often recall all our memories. I hope you are doing well, staying safe and listening to music?

      Our spot has been HOT….I landed 17 there the other day and 15 the next day. If you ever need me to come pick you up to come fishing…I will do it! Seriously, I miss fishing with you and cherish our time spend together on the river!

      Gray beard has retired, but his spot is still producing! GREAT to hear from you Dick!!!!! Please keep in touch! You have been an awesome friend and customer; I miss our time together & tell many stories of our adventures.

      Take care and keep in touch,

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