Well… The fish showed up! (Pretty much the same day I posted my last report in the am.) This year is apparently very much like one we had about ten years ago and they simply showed up late. If you were here early and missed it, you might want to come on back, but don’t be silly and change your dates for next year; it’s just an anomaly…

Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to add other than my sincerest apologies to anyone who was recently looking for items in our shop that we no longer have in stock at the store… We got hit pretty hard (Thank you VERY much!!) and with all the corona virus stuff going on getting re-stocked, even on the most common of items, is not always quite as simple as it might seem to be.

That being said, we do have lots more stock on the way right now and we aren’t out of everything just yet yet so please stop by and see us if you’re in the area; we truly appreciate your business!

Be careful if you fish the mid or lower river! These new fish entering the system are seriously angry, seriously strong and not nearly as seriously tired as the ones that have traveled many more hard miles to go further up. If landing ratio and river location were both on a graph you would see the first swing up the further up you go on the other…

I wasn’t out on Saturday as that’s the one day I always take off to rest my mind, body and soul during the peak season, but for the past five days (since that last report) we’ve seen nothing but a steady stream of fish coming in fresh from the big lake and even as early as this morning we had reports from the lower river of massive new pushes moving upstream.

We’ve been having a blast with all the new fish in the system and are in awe at the massive pods we are continuing to see push up! Most of these fish are “late to the party” and will run straight to the redds, but they are pooling up along the way and when not, pinch points have been hot spots of activity when they are hard on the move. (I’ve only had one client that tossed at a fish that was visibly actively spawning this entire season thus far and from the looks of it, I may be able to avoid that the rest of the way into just seeking chrome!)

Dry lunch on a rainy day! (Those are their own plastic wine “glasses” and wine btw… ;^)

Along with the new Salmon pushing up we’ve been seeing fair numbers of Steelhead mixed in and moving up already as well! If it’s anything like that last time we’ll be looking at a banner year for fall Steelhead and we’ve still got openings in late October and November at the moment if that interest you. Call the shop to check on dates and lets go fishing!! 231-745-3529

Stay safe, stay positive and stay happy my friends!