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Not much new to report…river is low and clear; fish numbers are down but we are having fun!!!  We might not be catching as many as “normal”, however we are laughing just as hard most days.  The biggest smile wins at the end of the day!!!  Enjoy the river, the fish and the challenge of battling king salmon in a small river!  Be thankful for what we have and let’s protect it by practicing catch and release.


We are planning on the Fall River Clean-Up on Saturday- October 24, 2020….more detail to follow!

The river is very low and clear at the moment!  Slow and low, makes presenting your offerings more apparent to the fish.  It has been a challenging season with low fish numbers and low water levels.  The saving grace is that we have been fishing in some awesome weather and spending time on the river!

My next available opening for a guide trip is October 14 – 16 (and openings after for steelhead), but the Motel has some great open dates.  Please give us a call for Lodging or guide trips; if we are not available, we have a great referral list!

Fish -On!

John Karakashian