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“The curious thing about fishing is you never want to go home.  If you are catching anything; you can’t stop.  If you don’t catch anything; you hate to leave in case something might bite.”  – Gladys Taber


Norm started the day off on the right foot!

Things are much slower then normal and we have found ourselves chasing our tails many days.  There are fish in the river, but not as many as normal.  With that being said, please practice catch and release on our wild Pere Marquette River kings!  I know they die…but they NEED to spawn and then die!!!  This is truly one of the greatest natural reproducing rivers in the United States!!!  Sorry for the “Soap Box” rant…anyways, things are going just fine for most anglers that are looking for fish.

Matt with the first king of the season on a fly! Well done!!!
Marty and I with a solid buck!

The river is very low and clear at the moment!  Slow and low, makes presenting your offerings more apparent to the fish.  It has been a challenging season with low fish numbers and low water levels.  The saving grace is that we have been fishing in some awesome weather and spending time on the river!

Norm caught this hen on a crank-bait

My next available opening for a guide trip is October 14 – 16 (and openings after for steelhead), but the Motel has some great open dates.  Please give us a call for Lodging or guide trips; if we are not available, we have a great referral list!  Things are off to a slower start, but we are having fun fishing!

John’s jack that saved the day


The river is low and natural flies have been working well in the upper river.  While crack-baits, spinners and skien have been the go to in the lower river.  Black stones, green caddis, and egg patterns have been the best bet durning bright light.  Drifting and stripping Egg-sucking leeches, bucktails and popsicles during low light situations have accounted for some awesome strikes!!  Good luck and enjoy!!!



Please respect your fellow angler and enjoy your experience on the river!  It is an amazing resource and fishery…enjoy it and respect it!!!!  Good luck and see you out there!