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Just a quick one from me this morning. The water is currently low/clear/normal and a little rain would be nice at this point for sure. We do continue to see new fish pushing into the system daily, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how long that will continue, if we have some bigger pushes yet or, if it’s just going to be a lighter year all around at this point.

There are fish spawning throughout the system in some numbers with the heaviest concentrations further up. The mid river is spotty at best continuing the trend of “here today and gone tomorrow” with only a few select spots holding fishable numbers of staging fish in the pools as most seem to be pushing right on past that area rather quickly.

I left the lower river on Monday and ran a long section of mid river on a group trip with Kam. Had we opted to toss at spawning fish we probably could have come up with some numbers of hookups closer to “normal”, but we stuck with dark water seeking quality over quantity and had only about a half dozen on. Another friend did about twice that one mid river section up.

A downriver thunderstick crusher!

The majority of fish (and anglers) are in the fly water right now and given the right location or, lucky rotation, you can have some pretty constant action, but most are still struggling compared to a “normal” year.

Another from down low…

In short and in conclusion… At least for now don’t expect the numbers of fish you normally would at this time, but they are there to be found and have fun with. Fingers crossed for some bigger pushes yet, but we’ll be out there having a great time regardless and will keep you posted!!





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