We are still looking for shop help. Full or part time (Great way to get some new gear! ;^) positions are available… Stop in for an application or e-mail a resume to [email protected] if interested! 

First pic (4:35am today) = the second (8am today) and rising! ?? please keep in mind that fast moving fish are hard to catch and hard to see in dirty water so, don’t expect an overnight miracle!

A nice big storm that moved thru early today! ??
8am in Scottville today… ?

John K is down low today and has seen some Kings rolling on their way up in the muddy water, but no takers as of this update. This first big wave will “likely” not even slow down till mid river or wherever they find clearer water, but the flow of new fish entering the system should remain fairly constant from here on out and down river will start fishing good whenever the clarity comes back a bit. We will keep you posted! ?

At this very moment I still have August 28, 29 & 30, September 7, 8 & 9 as well as September 23rd that just now opened. Next date I have after that is October 7th. These are my personal dates, we Do have other guide dates as well as motel rooms available. Call the shop to book or check on those. 231-745-3529