No PM river report from me today although I did just see in my social media feeds that the big bugs went off good last night, the mousing was also good and some really nice fish were caught! (This might be a really good time to call the shop and schedule a trip with John… ???)

Instead, as I sit here in the Dallas airport of all places, waiting on my next leg to Alaska, (Around my elbow to get to my thumb so to speak.) I thought I’d mention that after tomorrow morning, you likely won’t hear from me again until after the first week of September!

Fresh Sockeyes to stock the freezer with will likely be available in those first two July special weeks!

Honestly, I can not wait to be “unplugged” again! Last year, for the entire time I was in Alaska, I got online just once and that was not to look at anything, but rather to simply put up a quick post that I was fine and that I was going to remain unplugged for the rest of the summer…

Considered to be by many the best of table fare in the Salmon family… ?

I did not view any TV, internet or media of any kind and I “asked” those around me not to discuss matters of the outside world with me so as not to diminish my blissful ignorance. Long story short, it wasn’t entirely full-proof, but it was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time and I plan an even more so needed repeat again this year!!

Fly outs are available on any given week, they are recommended and are always a highlight!

My “exceptions” are that I do check my email, text messages, WhatsApp and voicemail for any important correspondence from friends and family or, someone looking to come up north and fish with us so, after tonight and until after that first week of September, if you neeed to contact me, that’s the way to do it! (231) 233-4533

The Naknek is voted best Rainbow River in Alaska quite often! This is a “nice” one, but they get much bigger! ?

(Please be patient when texting me, response time may run into a number of days or even a week as I do not have service in camp.)

Large costal brown bears are a common sight. No worries, we gotcha covered!

Speaking of getting ahold of me (Or the shop in the case of the August deal.) Why not make something great out of this whole covid mess, not to mention all of the other madness, and get away from it all at the same time!!

King season ends when August arrives, but every color spectrum can be found in July.

Join John and I for the incredible BBT Special August 8th to 15th linked here or, due to some covid cancels we’ve still got the crazy good deal of 3 for the price of 2 at Alaska’s Naknek River Camp!! July 11th to the 18th,  18th to the 25th or the 25th to the 1st. (This equates to only $2,665 a man for a full week of awesome!)

A medium size Silver in the first week of August.

The July dates are all exclusive, (except for airfare and tips) fully guided week of fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska! Below here is some of what you can expect during those weeks. (The “BBT Special” week in August that is linked above is very similar only two fly outs are already included in that price and more species of fish are available including some of the first waves of Silvers arriving then.)

An evening bon fire at camp.

Our guides are consummate professionals, some of the best in the business and one of them will be showing you the very best of the Naknek River and Katmai National Park.

A “Charlie” without a fly out…

During the week you can target Rainbows, Grayling, Sockeyes, Kings and even some Pike if that interest you right on the Naknek River leaving straight from our dock after a hearty breakfast!

Heyyyyy bear!

There will also be at least one opportunity to cross the lake and see the famous Brooks Falls in the middle of the Brooks River where many a prize winning photograph has been taken of the numerous bears. While there we‘ll also wet a line and chase some beautiful Rainbows… (Sockeyes will also be present as well as the occasional Grayling or even a Char.)

A smallish Brooks Bow, I just liked the candid shot…

Often times a second trip across the lake can be accommodated to visit and fish either Margot or Idavain as well, two other small streams we like to wade fish in targeting Char, Grayling, Rainbows and some Sockeye that have found their way home. Fly out fishing is great  at this time also in a good number of locations and can be arranged at an “average” extra cost of $350 per person. I highly recommend at least one of these during your week if you can swing it!

At the mouth of Margot.

You will be picked up/dropped off at the King Salmon airport and staying at Naknek River Camp in one of our not so rustic cabins right along the river. These cabins are clean, comfortable, have “indoor plumbing” that includes showers and toilets as well as full time electric.

Internet is not available in camp and (normal) cell service does not work, but trust me, this is a good thing! There is a phone in camp that you can use to call home anytime you like and our host Jim can be reached day or night if your attention is truly needed.

This is where I stay, my home away from home for just shy of three months of hard work combined with bliss!

I hope you can join us!! Excited to get to my home away from home would hardly describe it… Good luck and my sincere condolences to the rest of you remaining back and exposed to the fiasco(s)… ? ?‍♂️