Just a quick update…The shop will be re-opening Friday (May 15) for curb side service and mail orders until further notice…Shop hours will be 9am – 5pm.  Our Motel will start taking reservations as well.  We are patiently waiting to fully open our doors, until we get clearance…please work with us!  And more importantly, we are missing our customer interaction and friendships.  Speaking over the phone will at least bridge that gap for the time being.  We are cautiously optimistic the state is “flattening the curve”.  Swing by or give us a call 231-745-3529…we look forward to hearing from you!

We also kicked our guide service back into gear last week with DNR approval.  We have strict requirements to follow; which we welcome.  This is extremely important to the health of our clients, guides, employees and all their families!!!  I want to assure you we are not taking this lightly and will do our part to insure a safe fishing trip.  With that being said, here are the guidelines and requirements to conduct a safe and successful guide trip.

  • Maintain social distancing from the client to the maximum extent possible…we will only be doing one person trips until further notice.
  • Client will need to bring their own PPE…Please bring a buff or face mask.  The guide will provide hand sanitizer and a disinfected boat.
  • Client will have to bring their own lunch/dinner and beverages.
  • Client will have to meet the guide at the put-in and the guide will pay to get their vehicle moved to the take-out (at no additional cost since we are NOT providing food/snack/drinks)…please bring a spare key.

The guides have plenty of availability for the time being and the river is in great shape.  Dry fly fishing should be ramping up with the warmer weather and will start getting very good!  The cold front has moved on and the bugs are going to start popping.  Trout Season is here and I am very excited.  The sulphur hatch will kick in and gain steam; while stones and BWO’s are present daily.  Plus, rubber legged attractors will start getting quality looks.  The streamer game has been decent overall, but great on the right day.  Natural colors have been the most productive, but adjust your approach to the water level/color and weather pattern.

The grass is greening up, the trees are budding and trout season is here!  Please be safe and smart…let’s flatten the curve of the Pandemic while enjoying the great outdoors.  We have some great fishing in front of us and I will be out there enjoying it!



May 5, 2020 Report

It has been WAY TOO LONG!!!  First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe and healthy?  And if not, we wish you/them a speedy recovery.   We are all doing fine here in Baldwin…our families and staff are safe and well.  As well as can be without much (if any) work or social interaction. Thank you to all the front line workers and their families that have made huge sacrifices!!!  Your efforts and bravery are greatly appreciated!  The world has changed, but we will figure out the new normal…I know we will!  The one constant over this uncertain time has been watching the Pere Marquette River continue to flow, totally unphased by the Pandemic.  It was reassuring to watch steelhead still spawning, brown trout feeding on the surface and the next generations of salmon and steelhead hatching.  Their lives have not changed and that is very calming.

I have been struggling with thoughts and ideas since March 24 when we shut down our WHOLE operation.  But, kept coming up blank…so, I have completed tons of household chores, tied piles of flies, and even started developing my Kindergarten teaching skills while Alex is home bound for the remainder of the school year.  Meanwhile, we have received SO MANY generous orders, gift certificate purchases, some anonymous “donations” and even some clients offering to pay for guide trips….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  All your generosity has kept the candle burning while we looked for answers.  It has been very challenging to stay positive with so much uncertainty, but good news has arrived!!!!


We will of course have to wait for official approval from the US Forrest Service and Michigan DNR.  But a very positive development for all guides and charter boat captains in Michigan.  We will follow all safety protocols and insure our guests are in a clean boat with properly disinfected equipment (daily).  It is also our safety on the line.

A few of the many…better then chores around the house!

I have done a few family floats over the last month, but fishing was secondary.  It was just good to watch the water rolling by, hearing the riffles and being back in the office!  Currently, the river is in great shape with streamers the favored approach.  Dry fly fishing will gain strength after the cold front has moved out (forecasted into early next week).  Hennies, small stones, BWO’s and sulphur (coming soon) will be on the menu for rising trout in the coming weeks.

Karakashian family outing!

Our first priority, is the health and safety of our clients, guides and employees!  We MUST do our part to re-open the economy and keep everyone safe at the same time.  We hope to re-open the shop in the near future, but as for now we are still closed.  Not sure on the Motel availability/re-opening at the moment, but I will find out?  Please leave a message if you would like to book a guide trip or place an order…231-745-3529 (or text me at 248-506-3628).  Our guides are wide open at the moment.  I should have more details in the coming days, so please stay tuned.

Finally, I would like to make a statement regarding this whole mess we are in…being deemed a “Non-Essential” worker does not define your importance in life.  It is a belittling tag to deal with; but consider the situation, the shoe fits for most employees.  However,  everyone is essential and every life is important.  Please, don’t let a moment in time define your past, present & future.  We will get through this together; we are making progress and moving forward.  This too shall pass and we will be stronger in the long run.

Later and stay safe,

John Karakashian