Well, here we are, approaching the end of lockdown/quarantine day 32. I’m not gonna dwell on that too much here however as everyone has an opinion on this and there are very few of those that are exactly alike… (All pictures in this report courtesy of Leo and Westley. Captions, if any, I winged! ;^)

The water at Green Cottage today.

Instead, I’m gonna treat you to a short, but to the point “guest writer” fishing report from our man Leo in the shop along with some of his/their awesome fish pics! Leo and his roommate Westley (Who is with PMRL) rent a house from us have been very fortunate to have the same address providing them with the ability to legally row each other down the river almost every day. Needless to say, they’ve been taking full advantage of it and I can’t blame ‘em one bit!! ??

Great shot guys!

I understand that we “may” find out on Friday when we can re-open again, but I won’t dwell on that either until we actually know for a fact and you can expect another report of sorts then. For now just know that we truly appreciate your past, in some cases present and especially future business with us and we hope this finds you all well. (We are still checking voice mail and email “usually” once a day and doing some mail order for anyone interested!)

For those of you that missed your guide trips please consider locking your dates in for next year just as soon as we are open again and maybe even find your way clear to enjoy a warmer day on the water for trout with us if you can?

Without further ado, here’s a few words from the man shown above and I honestly am glad to see how well this is working out for some! ;^)

From Leo: “The pm has been fishing well lately! The steelhead are mostly done but you have a good shot at a dropback fish while trout fishing this time of year!

Dropback steelhead eat like pigs their entire way back to the big lake! It has a slight stain in the fly water, but not dirty by any means and a nice stain down river. Streamers have been producing well.

Colors vary day by day but top producers have been white, yellow, and black. Dry fly fishing has been good as well on certain days with black stones. Bwo’s, and a few hennies. It’s looking like it should be a good trout opener! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy right now. Leo”

Thanks for the report Leo and be well to the rest of you. We hope to see you all soon! – Steve